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Top 5 Most Serious Dental Emergencies

June 23, 2020
Oral health is important, but it’s often underrated, which leads to oral disease. Untreated tooth decay affects 44% of the world’s population. Oral disease affects nearly 3.9 billion people around the world, with periodontal disease affecting 15-20% of adults. When untreated oral health issues are ignored for long enough, they can lead to more serious […]

8 Natural Remedies to Help Ease Dental Anxiety

June 16, 2020
When you have dental anxiety, your nervousness might cause you to delay or avoid professional dental care. Since this can lead to a higher risk of serious dental problems, it’s important to find ways to ease your fears. There are several natural ways to manage your anxiety, so you can get the dental care you […]

The Four Most Important Benefits of Dental Implants

June 12, 2020
Having missing teeth can have a negative impact on your quality of life overall. Dental implants offer an option for replacing missing teeth and improving your smile. Getting dental implants in Mesa provides several important benefits for your health and well-being. Healthy Teeth and Gums You might not realize just how important it is to […]

Using Dental Sedation During Cosmetic Procedures

May 29, 2020
Cosmetic dental procedure can correct flaws and improve your smile. However, you might avoid considering these kinds of procedures if you have dental anxiety. Different forms of dental sedation in Phoenix help you feel more at ease while during any dental work, including cosmetic procedures. Find out more about different cosmetic dental procedures and which […]

How to Take Care of Your Dental Implants

May 22, 2020
Your teeth are a part of your smile, and are an integral part of who you are, regardless of whether or not you came by them naturally or if you have had to have a little extra help via dental implants in Mesa. Replacement teeth have come a long way over the years, and are no […]

How to Handle Dental Anxiety Caused By Coronavirus

May 15, 2020
If the current pandemic has you feeling anxious, you’re not alone. Whether you need a cleaning or help with a dental issue, you might experience dental anxiety for the first time. Knowing how to handle this type of anxiety when you visit a dentist in Mesa can help you feel more at ease. Keep the […]

Understanding Dental Emergency Care in the Time of COVID-19

May 8, 2020
COVID-19 changed the way we all live life. From social distancing and shelter in place orders to the restrictions of quarantine, running a simple errand has now become an event. No longer do we leisurely run to the store, sure that most everything we want will be in stock. Now, we plan shopping trips days […]

5 Benefits and 3 Risks of IV Sedation

May 1, 2020
Having dental anxiety is common, but it shouldn’t stop you from seeing a dentist in Mesa for cleanings and other dental work. IV sedation helps you feel more relaxed curing your procedure and appointment. If think IV dental sedation might be what you need, make sure you know the benefits and risks associated with it. […]

What Is Bone Grafting for Dental Implants?

April 24, 2020
When you want to replace missing teeth, dental implants are an excellent choice. You need to meet certain requirements to be considered a good candidate, including having enough jawbone to support implants. Bone grafts increase the available jawbone for the implant procedure. Here’s what you need to know about bone grafting. Why Bone Grafting Occurs Bone […]

Can Acupuncture Help Ease Dental Anxiety?

April 17, 2020
Dental anxiety causes many people to delay or avoid dental care, whether you need dental cleanings done or any other type of dental work. Some people turn to acupuncture to help them feel less nervous. Understanding acupuncture may help provide anxiety relief when you visit your dentist in Phoenix. Here’s what you need to know. […]
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