Advanced Teeth Whitening

Here at Dental Brothers, one of the most common dental procedures we’re asked about is teeth whitening. It is a very common procedure undertaken by people from all walks of life. In fact, it has proven so popular with our clients that we’ve hired an advanced technician to specialize in this specific area. This assures we provide the kind of cutting edge treatment our clients deserve. If you’ve never had teeth whitening done before, you may have some questions about the procedure.

We provide same day advanced whitening in our practice giving patients immediate boost improved results and ongoing whitening process throughout the week.

Teeth whitening process

Teeth whitening, also known as dental bleaching, is one of the most common treatments used in modern dentistry. It is defined by the FDA as follows: whitening treatments are a simple restoration of the natural tooth color while bleaching whitens teeth beyond their natural color.

There are various methods of treatment available. These include bleaching strips, brushing with specialized toothpaste, UV bleaching, bleaching gels and bleaching pens. Aside from being highly popular, teeth whitening is also a very successful business enterprise. In 2010 alone, more than 100 million Americans spent an estimated 15 billion dollars on teeth whitening methods and treatments.

The American Dental Association is exact in their approved whitening methods. The approved chemical for whitening procedures is carbamide peroxide. To compare it to hydrogen peroxide, carbamide peroxide has roughly one third the strength. This means a whitening solution composed of 15 percent carbamide peroxide is equal in strength to a 5 percent solution of hydrogen peroxide. Peroxide cleans and whitens your teeth because it is an oxidizing agent. It penetrates your teeth’s enamel and removes the stains which are deposited in the underlying dentin layer. Light may also be used in professional treatments in a process called power bleaching. The addition of light accelerates the chemical reaction and the overall treatment process.

At the Dental Brothers in Mesa, AZ. You will see your initial shade prior to getting your teeth laser whitened and we will do shade evaluations at the end of your visit to show you how many shades you have improved in just 30 minutes! Advanced teeth whitening is one of the most widely requested service at the Dental Brothers.

There are several methods of whitening your teeth and improving your smile. We advise our patients on which methods are best for them, based on several different factors. Overall dental sensitivity, previous dental work and the level of whitening desired are all taken into consideration. Here are some of the methods we employ at Dental Brothers.

Whitening Toothpaste

A classic approach to teeth whitening, it is also one of the easier and less invasive ways of improving the quality of your smile. Whitening toothpaste is easily purchased at your local pharmacy and other retail chains making it a convenient treatment. In general, whitening toothpaste is best for minor surface stains.

Professional Bleaching

In some instances, stains on the teeth are more dramatic. In such cases, whitening toothpaste may not be enough and more advanced methods will need to be employed. At Dental Brothers, we can have your professional treatment done in one visit and you’ll be on your way with a brighter smile.

The treatment process is relatively simple. A bleaching chemical agent is applied to your teeth to whiten them while the gums are shielded to prevent irritation. Several different types of specialized lighting (LED, plasma, etc.) may be added to the process for treatment enhancement. If your teeth are all natural, you can have a professional bleaching done immediately.

Home Bleaching Treatments

Another approved method of teeth whitening is an at home treatment. You may find this preferable as it is affordable and allows you to treat your teeth on your own schedule. A common at home treatment procedure involves a peroxide based whitener applied via a fitted mouth guard. While more convenient, it does take several days of treatment to complete the procedure.

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When you schedule your appointment with us, we will advise you of the best methods for whitening your teeth. There is no one size fits all solution for everyone and our methods will be customized to your unique situation. If you’ve ever been apprehensive or embarrassed about your smile, we can help. No matter what your situation or desired goals we can help you reach them and leave you with a dazzling smile. Please contact Dental Brothers today for a consultation.

One of the most exciting parts of our day is seeing our patients look into a mirror after getting their advanced teeth whitening boost!! Confidence meets bright white and maybe just a bit sassy!

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