Fluoride Treatments

Enamel is the thin, translucent outer covering of our teeth and it is the hardest tissue in our bodies. This enamel is constantly being dissolved (demineralization) and then replaced (remineralization) every day. Fluoride is a naturally occurring mineral that can be found in many things – including some foods and various water sources – and can aid in the replacement of enamel by making it stronger.

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teeth with healthy enamel from fluoride

What are the Benefits of Fluoride?

Research studies have indicated that fluoride can help prevent cavities in both children and adults. These studies explain that this can be done in different ways, including:

  • Creating a stronger tooth enamel, which can aid in protecting your teeth from harmful acids formed in the mouth by plaque bacteria and sugars
  • Helping to reduce the bacteria that forms on the surface of teeth
  • Helping to reverse the effects of early tooth decay caused by enamel loss

How to get Fluoride

Fluoride is available in many forms. The most prevalent forms are in certain foods – including some fresh fruits, raw vegetables and dairy products – and, in the majority of the U.S., from our public water supply used for cooking and drinking. However, not all drinking water has been fluoridated, such as that from private water wells, home treatment systems and bottled water.

Another way to provide this necessary mineral to your teeth is through the use of “topical” applications, which includes using some toothpaste and mouth rinses that have low concentrations of fluoride. A prescription for supplements, in the form of either liquids or tablets, can be used to achieve the amounts necessary for remineralization. These supplements can be prescribed by a dentist, pediatrician or family doctor.

There are three ways in which fluoride treatments can be done, including:

  • Varnishes which can be painted directly onto the surface of your teeth
  • Foams that are put directly into a mouth guard and then applied to your teeth for one to four minutes
  • Gels that can be applied in either of the two above ways methods

Fluoride Treatment for Children

Infants and children aged six months to sixteen years should be exposed, in some way, to fluoride during their formative years, the time frame in which primary and permanent teeth erupt from the gums. This exposure is crucial in helping to strengthen the enamel on their teeth and to prevent tooth decay. If there is a lack of exposure during their formative years, it is possible that future tooth decay can occur much easier. It is also important to remember that adults can reap these benefits as well.

If there is a concern that you or your child are not receiving enough fluoride, for whatever reason, then a trip to your dentist for a fluoride treatment is an option to consider. This is a procedure in which your dentist will apply fluoride directly on your teeth to help strengthen them. This treatment generally contains much higher levels of the mineral than can be found in over-the-counter mouth rinses and toothpastes.

ADA Fluoridation Facts

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