What should I expect in my first visit?

We take great interest in making sure your exact needs are met and that you are absolutely comfortable with every detail of your appointment. You can be certain to attain one to one personalized attention by our five star dental team and doctor to ensure that a genuine understanding of your treatment needs and desires are completely understood and valued. We want you to attain a trusting relationship of guided care. All your information will always be respected and kept in confidence.

Every first visit will be specific to your exact needs. New patients call on us for any number of reasons to attain the best that dentistry has to offer. New patient visits include; general and advanced dental treatment care, emergency care, second opinions, and fantastic professional hygiene dental cleaning care.

If you are being seen as an emergency; we will specifically address the immediate area of concern to get you comfortable fast and provide solutions that same day.

What makes us different and better?

Our patients send us reviews daily and we can’t wait to read how we’ve changed your life for the positive. They often say our education, matched with approachability and knowledge of best treatment options that virtually can help every patient sets us apart. We’ve been told that our dental team is second to none with delivering the best that dentistry has to offer with an affordable and attainable reach.

We are always ready to help you understand and attain the best possible care for a healthy and great looking smile using visual and auditory aids that take your understanding of how your improved health and smile benefits you to the highest level.

We also combine expert modern science and the best historical restorative dentistry to achieve the greatest results for you.
One thing you can be certain of is that every detail of your appointment is designed to ensure your comfort, care, and understanding from the beginning of the visit all the way to the final details of completing your appointment and beyond.

What insurance do we accept?

We are most happy to inform you that we accept a wonderful array of insurances plans and PPO dental insurance plans. We also provide a full-time on staff Patient Care Dental Insurance Specialist to help patients like you understand your specific benefit coverage as it applies to any treatment you require. This keeps you informed on a constant basis. We do not accept state access insurance or HMO, but many of these patients still come to our office because they want the best care with no limitations.

Will you file my insurance?

Yes, we make this process very easy for you. Once we have your insurance information, we will verify all benefit information, give you a clear understanding of your plan coverage for any needed treatment and file it for you.

How long does a typical exam, x-rays and cleaning take?

Every patient will have a customized appointment based on their individual needs; however your routine appointment that includes a comprehensive exam, x-rays and a professional dental cleaning is reserved in our office for approximately an hour.

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept all forms of payment, Cash, debit cards, credit cards such Visa, Mastercard, Discover Card & American Express.

Do you offer any financing - payment plans?

Yes, we do. Two of our most common financing programs are Care Credit which offers everything from 12 months with no interest to another program with them that offers 60 months with small payments. The other option we offer is a “No Credit Needed” payment plan program that gives you up to $2500 with no credit check. The only thing the “No Credit Needed” program requires is verification of employment, verification of a bank account, a voided check and a valid id. Both of these programs take less than 5 minutes for approval and are very simple to apply for. Click here if you want to preapproved and upload your documents and get started.

Why would I need a deep cleaning?

Patients with excessive bacteria, hard and soft calculous both above and below the gumline, staining and bleeding of gums are patients that may require what is known as a deep cleaning. Often these high-level of intra-oral bacteria patients have a variety of other issues including having a silent infection (that they are not aware of) that can affect gums, teeth, the blood stream and body circulatory system as a whole. If left unaddressed this can be manifested into halitosis (severe bad breath), gum loss, teeth loss and can compromise and create physical health issues for patients.

What can happen if a deep cleaning is left untreated?

If you have been advised that a deep cleaning in necessary and delay your need for this treatment, unfortunately a domino effect can occur. Without being treated appropriately the bacteria would sit and manifest to a greater level and this would mean the body has to fight harder to address other infections in the body as-well-as in the mouth. This initial silent infection can often lead to a series of other health issues including an increase in attaining a heart attack and stroke. Because we genuinely care and are responsible for your ability to understand your diagnosis, we are obligated to inform you if you have been diagnosed with a need for a deep cleaning. Our dental hygienist will specifically address who, what, where, when, how and why if you are a patient that requires a deep cleaning. The great news, with our registered dental hygienists’ expertise, the appointment is absolutely comfortable and extremely educational.

How often do I need to come in for a visit?

Every patient is unique and therefore your need for visits will be customized based on what your oral health necessitates. If you are in great health, then seeing you every six months for a professional dental cleaning is ideal and preferred care.

Where should I call for an emergency?

Call our office at 480-664-1449. We are honored to be ready to assist your emergency call immediately, 24 hours, 7 days a week, live assistance.

Do you treat children? How young?

Yes, we are a family practice and see children as young as 3 years old. We make their visits fun and create a lifetime of positive memories of coming to see the dentist. We also allow parents to be present in the room so we can educate them on their child’s dental development and care.

What options do you have for high fear anxiety patients?

The best available in dentistry! Patients with high fear and anxiety are going to love our office. We can’t wait to excite you and show the world of modern science in smooth treatments with Non-IV Sedation dentistry. We also offer a wide array of other methods like nitrous, valium, and IV-Sedation. That all being said, we believe once you understand our advanced methods and our genuine care, you may not ever need to even consider this. It’s available however so please never hesitate to ask if this is important to you. We want to keep you smiling inside and out.

Maintain your oral health during COVID-19, visit our practice today!

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