Pediatric Dentistry

A lifetime of good oral health starts from the day your baby’s first tooth makes its appearance. Pediatric dentistry is the dental specialty geared toward helping you ensure that your child learns healthy eating patterns and good dental hygiene that can prevent tooth decay, poor tooth alignment, and adult gum problems. At Dental Brothers, we love to see little ones learning to take good care of their teeth!

pediatric dentistry

Specialized Dental Care for Children

As pediatric dentists, we have several years of extra education and training in pediatric dentistry and the unique ways that children’s mouths and teeth need to be cared for. We specialize in the care of teeth that are still below the gum’s surface as well as the ones that have already emerged.

We also understand that the sounds, sights and smells of a dental office may be frightening to young children. That’s why our entire team works hard to make regular dental visits relaxing and fun for kids.

Educating Kids About Dentistry

There are many things that we, as dentists, can do with parents to help children reach adulthood with a full set of healthy teeth. Most importantly, we need to teach children to brush and floss properly, helping them take charge of their own oral health. We also teach young parents the things they can do to prevent problems for their baby’s teeth such as “baby bottle tooth decay” and problems caused by thumb sucking and overuse of pacifiers.

As children grow older, they are sometimes prone to accidents that may cause injuries to their teeth and mouth. We can provide custom-fit mouth guards for children involved in sports to help ward off injuries. In the event that there is an injury involving the teeth, gums or lips, we can help your child heal properly and prevent future dental problems.

Pediatric Dental Services

In addition to regular cleanings, x-rays, and exams, we apply sealants to your child’s adult teeth as they emerge, starting at about 10 years of age. These sealants serve two functions. First, they form a barrier between the “cavity bugs” and the teeth, preventing decay. Second, the sealant contains fluoride to strengthen the teeth, further preventing those dreaded cavities. In the event that your child’s baby tooth falls out or needs to be extracted before the adult tooth is ready to emerge, we can install a spacer in your child’s mouth to keep that space open for the adult tooth that will replace it, preventing crowding and the possible future need for braces.

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Rest assured that everything about our pediatric dental practice is geared toward helping children have a healthy, beautiful smile for their entire lives. At Dental Brothers, our entire care team truly enjoy pediatric dentistry in Mesa and caring for children and their teeth. From their first cleaning, through becoming adults, we make going to the dentist something that they will look forward to, in the understanding that we are their true partners in dental health.