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Relationships, Expertise & Renowned Care

The value we place on relationships at Dental Brothers is second to none. We are a team of professionals who pray, smile, and love our patients unconditionally. Come as you are without worry. You will always know this is a safe place for sharing. We genuinely seek to give you an experience that confirms we are committed to you. In addition to our dedication to you; each of us is committed to an extraordinary level of expertise in the field of dentistry. This means that you will have an opportunity to experience the best that dentistry has to offer. You will find that our doctors, team, and facility, is equipped to handle every need possible for our patients.

The moment you walk into our practice you will find that we are different compared to the typical dental office. What do we mean by this? Well, we have designed every aspect of your experience to be one where you can see, feel, and know, that you are the number one priority. We look at our patients as part of our family, and the moment you walk through our doors you will feel safe, loved, guided, educated, and prepared for an appointment designed to cater to your needs.

Patients Travel To Be Seen By Us – Expertise and Trust

The investment we have made in your ultimate experience makes us one of the most sought-after dental offices in Arizona. Patients travel from all over Arizona as travel from around the country to be seen by our doctors. It’s not uncommon to have patients fly all the way from New York and Europe to experience our special touch of wisdom and excellence in dentistry.

Advanced Treatments On Location

Dental Services in Phoenix and Mesa

99% of all dental treatment can be done right here at the Dental Brothers. All our treatment suites are designed for both everyday typical procedures, to more involved treatments that require advanced expertise. This means that you can comfortably seek treatment right here without having to be referred to another location. Our patients tell us that this is so comforting to them because they can continue treatment with the Dental Brothers who they already feel safe and extremely comfortable with.

Ceramist & Speciality Lab

Our renowned dental practice in Mesa provides a series of amenities for patients in the state of Arizona. We have invested years of practice and to provide you the best result. We can accommodate anything from a single restoration ceramic crown to a full aesthetic case smile design. In addition to custom porcelain restorations, we provide a Denturist on staff to customize cases from implant supported dentures and custom swiss dentures. Our office in Phoenix works with our Mesa office for special lab cases and deliveries. The work performed for you is executed by highly skilled craftsman on our location.

Our Warranty Our Specialty Lab Work

We are dedicated to you and confident in our custom work at the Dental Brothers, that we provide a 5-year warranty on all on-site lab work. Please clearly note that 5-year warranty is provided for patients who come in for their hygiene visits on a routine basis directly at the Dental Brothers. Our team is highly trained to monitor your oral hygiene habits and keep your restorations clean and functional for years and years.

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