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8 Ways to Help Your Family Members with Dental Anxiety

November 13, 2020
Having dental anxiety isn’t unusual, but it can have a negative impact on dental health. When your loved one feels nervous about going to the dentist, they might put off important routine care, like cleanings. Anxiety might also cause them to avoid having work done for tooth decay or other problems. Left untreated, this often […]

The Best Foods to Eat After Dental Implant Surgery

November 6, 2020
When you choose to get dental implants for missing teeth, part of this process involves surgery. Dentists need to do this in order to place an implant into your jawbone, so that it helps hold your replacement tooth in position. After going through dental implant surgery in Mesa, you’ll need to be careful about the […]

5 Things Scarier Than Your Fear of the Dentist

October 30, 2020
On Halloween night, it is common for people to come face-to-face with their fears. Whether it be a scary clown, a spooky witch, or hauntingly realistic ghost, both children and adults see scary images and costumes, confronting their worst nightmares. But for those who suffer from dental anxiety, Halloween may not be the scariest time […]

Why Oral Surgery Doesn’t Have to Be Scary

October 23, 2020
Spooky season is here and Halloween is right around the corner. While many people have visions of scary ghosts and goblins in their head right now, you may have visions some other scary thing — oral surgery. You may envision a mad dentist or the sound of dental drills in your head. If that makes […]

Can You Eat Candy When You Have Dental Implants?

October 16, 2020
One of the biggest benefits associated with dental implants is they are more similar to real teeth than other dental options, such as bridges and crowns. This allows you to eat more of the foods that you like without having to worry about a crown falling out or a bridge coming loose. However, while you […]

Avoid Dental Emergencies This Halloween with These 5 Tips

October 9, 2020
This Halloween, you may come across many frights, including witches, ghosts and goblins. But, if you are not careful, your frights may not end there. You can run into many dental problems, including dental emergencies, on Halloween. Knowing how to avoid the most common problems can help to ensure that your teeth are not given […]

What Does Dental Anxiety Feel Like?

September 29, 2020
While it’s common to feel at least a bit nervous about going to the dentist, severe nervousness and other symptoms may mean that you have dental anxiety. This type of anxiety can make it difficult to stick to routine dental visits, such as cleanings and exams. You might also put off having necessary procedures done […]

What Is a Traumatic Dental Injury?

September 21, 2020
Your teeth are made to be strong and resist damage as much as possible, but injuries still occur. Even when your teeth are in excellent condition, you might end up with a traumatic dental injury and need emergency dental care in Mesa or Phoenix. Keep the following information on traumatic dental injuries in mind. What […]

Do People Dream During Dental Sedation?

September 17, 2020
Dental fear and anxiety prevent millions of Americans from going to the dentist and getting the dental treatment they need. Some 17 percent of children, ages 5-19, and 32 percent of adults have untreated dental issues often due to fear. This is where sedation dentistry can play a big role in health and wellness. Dental […]

7 Celebrities Who Owe Their Smile to Dental Implants or Dental Veneers

September 7, 2020
Celebrities are expected to be icons of perfection. They are constantly photographed and expected to smile. While it’s no secret that red carpet walkers often have their teeth whitened to look their best, many go a bit further to improve their smile. You might be surprised at just how many celebs have invested in dental […]
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