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In the past, dentures were considered as a substitution for teeth which were mainly utilized by senior citizens and the elderly. However, with modern advancements in the dental field, new materials and techniques and more realistic dentures, people from all walks of life are revitalizing their smiles with full or partial dentures.

Gum disease is not the only reason people need full or partial dentures. Celebrities and athletes who have experienced traumatic injury have been able to turn to partial dentures in order to restore their smiles and self-confidence. The durability of dentures depends on the materials used to make them and the maintenance given them by the owner.

Types of Dentures

There are two main types of dentures. The type a patient will need will depend largely on how advanced their gum disease may be, or how traumatic the injury to their teeth might be. At Dental Brothers, our professional staff will determine if metal, acrylic, or porcelain dentures are right for each patient’s specific needs.

Modern full and partial dentures are fully customizable. These new dentures are designed individually to compliment the wearer’s facial symmetry and provide a realistic and healthy look.

Full or “Complete” Dentures

If a patient is in need of a complete replacement of all the teeth in their mouth, “conventional” dentures are generally used. These dentures would not only replace all of the teeth in the mouth, but also help provide much needed support to the patient’s facial muscles and cheeks. This is especially important because patients want a realistic look that provides realistic symmetry to their faces.

Partial Dentures

Partial dentures are used in cases where only some of the patient’s teeth need replacing. It’s important that healthy, existing teeth do not shift in the mouth due to spaces where teeth used to exist. Partial dentures can be affixed to existing teeth for support to fill the space where missing or damaged teeth used to be, thereby preventing shifting and restoring a healthy smile.

Maintaining Dentures

Even the strongest denture will succumb to wear over time if the proper cleaning procedures are not followed. Full and partial dentures should be taken out at night to be cleaned and soaked in a special solution in order to disinfect the dentures.

Having dentures also means that patients must practice good oral hygiene. This will ensure a long and healthy life for their replacement teeth, as well as any existing natural teeth that remain. Both types of dentures are now made in dental laboratories and are manufactured with the precision that will allow patients to eat, smile, and converse with confidence while wearing them.

All types of dentures will require a certain amount of follow up with a dental professional. As gums heal, adjustments may need to be made in order to ensure a proper and secure fit.

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