Are You a Good Candidate for IV Sedation?

Are You a Good Candidate for IV Sedation?

When you need certain dental procedures, especially if you suffer from dental anxiety, intravenous or IV sedation might be an option for you. It helps you feel calm without fully putting you to sleep. However, IV sedation isn’t for everyone, so it’s important to make sure you’re a good candidate first. Keep the following in mind to decide if IV sedation is right for you.

Dental Procedures and IV Sedation

IV sedation is used in a wide range of dental procedures. This includes routine cleanings for patients with severe anxiety, dental implants in Mesa, root canals or tooth extractions in Phoenix. But it can also be great for patients with severe dental anxiety. Patients who find it difficult to sit still for long periods of time benefit from IV sedation, as well as patients with long and invasive procedures.

Benefits of IV Sedation

Benefits of IV SedationIV sedation offers some important benefits.

  • Fast-acting: IV sedation tends to work more quickly than other forms of sedation, since the medication used enters your bloodstream directly.
  • Stronger effects: IV sedation medication is typically stronger than nitrous oxide and the medications used for oral sedation.
  • Constant monitoring: While under this type of sedation, you’ll be monitored to ensure your safety including your heart rate and breathing.
  • Customized dosages: Giving the right amount of oral sedation medication sometimes presents challenges as each patient is different. With IV sedation, the dosage of medication is adjusted more easily based on a patient’s needs.
  • Lower risk of complications: Receiving a customized medication dosage helps reduce the risk of serious side effects and complications. The effects of IV sedation are also more predictable thanks to customized dosages compared to other dental sedation.

Disadvantages of IV Sedation

While IV sedation is a suitable option for many patients, some cannot use it due to potential health risks. This is why it’s important to go to a dentist with the right training and experience in administering IV sedation. Your dentist first ensures that you’re a good candidate for IV sedation to keep you safe.

With IV sedation, you’ll need to make transportation arrangements ahead of time. IV sedation requires someone drive you home from your appointment because the effects of the medication often take several hours to wear off.

Another disadvantage of IV sedation you might encounter is price. It usually costs more than other forms of sedation. The amount you pay depends on your insurance coverage and other factors. Keep in mind that the benefits of IV sedation typically outweigh the higher cost. For example, encouraging you to have dental procedures quicker instead of putting them off and needing additional work done later.

Medical Risks

Medical RisksMany patients are considered good candidates for IV sedation, but some exceptions exist. Your dentist will not recommend it if you are allergic to the medication used. Underlying health conditions that raise your risk of complications with IV sedation may also keep your dentist from offering it. Your dentist will likely recommend other options if you have liver or heart problems, other serious medical conditions, or if you are obese. Pregnancy also makes you a medical risk for IV sedation.

While the risks associated with IV sedation are extremely low, it’s important to see a dentist certified in dental sedation. This reduces your medical risk and increases the safety of the procedure.


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