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How Dental Sedation Can Change How You See Dental Care

April 16, 2021
Many people deal with dental anxiety. It often delays trips to the dentist, and sometimes keeps people from going at all. Many wait until their pain feels unbearable before they finally schedule an appointment. Some level of anxiety is felt by over a third of the population. Here at Dental Brothers we recognize that this […]

6 Signs You’re Having a Dental Emergency

April 9, 2021
Our teeth are an important part of us. It’s important to pay enough attention to make sure that they feel okay and to brush regularly. But even highly diligent people with their oral hygiene can feel like something is off from time to time. Depending on what feels wrong it may constitute a real emergency. […]

Can You Request Dental Sedation While You Get a Filling?

March 26, 2021
Getting a filling is among the more common kinds of dental procedures. You might need a filling if you have a cavity or tooth decay, although there are other reasons like tooth fractures or other damage. Fillings help prevent cavities from getting worse and leading to advanced decay. This can result in permanent tooth loss […]

6 Dental Procedures You Don’t Have to Be Scared Of

March 19, 2021
When you have dental anxiety, any type of dental procedure can seem scary. While some procedures are invasive and complex, others are far more simple. Although it’s common for people to feel at least a little nervous about having dental work done, you don’t need to be afraid of every procedure. Find out more about […]

Is a Broken Wire in Your Braces a Dental Emergency?

March 12, 2021
Braces are made up of wires, brackets, and other parts that can become loose or even break. If you end up with a broken wire in your braces, should you seek emergency dental care or visit your dentist in Phoenix  during regular hours? Since your braces are an important part of correcting orthodontic issues, it’s […]

7 Ways to Prevent Tooth Loss

March 5, 2021
Gum disease, tooth decay, and other kinds of dental problems can increase your risk of tooth loss. Having missing teeth can affect different areas of your life, such as making it hard to eat or making you feel self-conscious when smiling. You can take several steps to lower your risk of tooth loss. Keep these […]

How Laser Dentistry Could Help Reduce Dental Anxiety

February 26, 2021
When you consistently feel nervous about going to the dentist, you might have dental anxiety. This refers to strong feelings of nervousness about dental visits, whether with routine visits or during more serious procedures. Since dental anxiety can cause you to delay necessary care, it’s important to find ways to reduce or manage it. Laser […]

How to Encourage Your Partner to Go to the Dentist

February 19, 2021
If your partner or spouse has dental anxiety, they’re not alone. Some people fear experiencing discomfort or pain during dental visits, even if they’re just having a routine cleaning and exam done. Your partner might be nervous about dental visits, but it’s important for them to have routine cleanings done, as well as any other […]

The Importance of Smiling in a Relationship

February 12, 2021
When you’re in a relationship, you want to be happy, and you want the other person to be as happy as possible. One of the best ways to tell if someone is happy is by how often they smile. But facial expression does not always naturally reflect how a person feels about their partner. Often […]

6 Dental Tips for a More Kissable Valentine’s Day

February 5, 2021
If you have been watching television casually, or perusing ads in magazines or online you have probably come up with several scenarios where two attractive people are showing off their pearly whites and enjoying the perfect Valentine’s Day. Perhaps there is a bit of envy at play because you want to be just like the […]
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