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Tobacco Smoking Vs Oral Hygene

May 29, 2014
Here at Dental Brothers we want to encourage you to take whatever steps are necessary to stop smoking or using any form of tobacco. However, as dental providers, we will meet you where you are. We will not hassle you, but we are going do all that we can to support you in stopping the […]

Eight Tips for Handling Dental Emergencies

May 15, 2014
You could bite into a cherry and unexpectedly find a pit inside it, or you could take an elbow to the mouth in a pick-up basketball game. There are hundreds of ways that you can damage your teeth and your dental work, but the bottom line is that emergency dental problems happen quickly and unexpectedly. […]

Dental Brothers Give Back During Hopefest Phoenix 2014

April 5, 2014
The city of Phoenix, Arizona has a huge heart, and one organization that demonstrates this compassion for the less fortunate is CityServe Arizona. CityServe Arizona is an organization that networks hundreds of individuals, organizations, and churches to get help to people who need it most in Phoenix and the surrounding area. One big upcoming event […]

Patients Find Courage At Dental Brothers

March 3, 2014
In today’s world of Dentistry, there are still so many new patients of all ages that suffer from anxiety from going to see the dentist. For most of these new patients they come in with past experiences that set the pace for a belief system that their fear is something to be embarrassed about. At […]

Infections In Mouth Travel Into The Body

February 26, 2014
Have you or someone you know ever experienced tooth pain? How about seeing someone with a huge inflammation in the mouth area that looks like a golf ball? Well these are the physical signs we feel and see.   But most patients are unaware that there are dangers beyond what we can see and feel. […]

Dental Science Is A Combination of Art Forms

February 19, 2014
Every day millions of us look through magazines and see beautiful men and women revealing a face that gives each of us a response to our subconscious of balance, distinction and personal affection. Have you ever wondered how this ever came about? Is the shape, size and overall look of our attraction linked to our […]
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