Laser Dentistry

Laser dentistry has established a firm footing in dental practices. It is effective, safe and offers patients a more satisfying dental experience. Suitable for both cosmetic and restorative procedures, many of our patients find laser procedures to be less painful than those performed with traditional dental tools.

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FAQ About Laser Dentistry:

Why are lasers used?

A laser uses a light beam as its energy source. This light beam can be used to cut through infected or unhealthy tissue, remove tooth decay, eliminate gum bacteria, manipulate the shape of the gums, harden fillings and whiten teeth. Laser dentistry can be utilized for biopsies, the removal of lesions and the treatment of gum disease.

The use of lasers allows dentists to have maximum precision in their work. At Dental Brothers, our patients often find the laser to be a less daunting tool and are more relaxed during procedures. Patients of all ages can be treated with laser dentistry, including children.

The likelihood of excessive bleeding during a procedure is lessened when laser equipment is used and many patients experience a significantly shorter recovery time after laser dental work versus traditional treatment methods.

Are lasers safe?

In the hands of a trained dentist, like those at Dental Brothers, lasers are completely safe to use. The American Dental Association (ADA) permits the use of lasers during suitable procedures.

Do all dentistries offer laser procedures?

At Dental Brothers, our dentists and dental hygienists are certified through the Academy of Laser Dentistry (ADL). This certification ensures that we have the knowledge and experience to complete effective laser work that is as safe and painless as possible for our patients. We also receive specialized instruction from the manufacturers of our laser systems so that we know everything we can about our equipment.

Is laser work covered by insurance?

If your dental insurance covers a particular procedure, the procedure will be covered when completed using laser dentistry or traditional methods. The terms of your insurance plan will still apply, meaning that your deductible or co-insurance are the same for procedures performed with a laser.

If you do not have dental insurance, we can help you determine what type of procedure is best for your budget and personal level of comfort. It does not have to be all or nothing as both laser and conventional treatments may be used to help you obtain optimal dental health.

Does laser dentistry have any drawbacks?

The only real drawback to using lasers is that they cannot be offered for every single dental procedure. For example, we are unable to use lasers to prepare teeth for a fixed dental prosthesis, such as a crown or bridge.

How can I know if laser dentistry is right for me?

After a comprehensive examination, we can help you decide if laser dentistry is right for you. At Dental Brothers, we want our patients to be as comfortable as possible before, during and after their dental procedures. We believe that the use of laser dentistry can help us achieve this goal.

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