Your Family Dentists in Mesa Arizona

Visit our dentist’s office in Mesa and discover a second-to-none dental experience. We offer personal care from the moment you walk into our clinic, when our warm and friendly staff greets you, to the end of your treatment with one of our caring dentists. The dentists in our Mesa location are Dr. Dan Gafni and Dr. Timm Chaffee, both of whom boast decades of experience handling dental implants, high-fear patients with emergency dental procedures, and much more.

We believe that a dentist must also be a friend; that is how our Mesa dentists and staff members consider our patients to be.

We look forward to meeting you and seeing how we can become your trusted dentist in Mesa. Contact us today, and our trained and friendly dental health staff will reach out to schedule your visit or meet our dental care team in Mesa.

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The Dental Services at Our Mesa Location

At our Mesa dentist office, we take care of your entire family’s oral health needs. Whether you need an x-ray, an extractiona fluoride treatment, or any other treatment, we’re always here.

Everyone wants a perfect smile, and at our Mesa dental clinic, we help anyone who comes to our center smile confidently! In addition, we specialize in dental implants, cosmetic dentistry, and treating patients who suffer from fear or phobia of the dentist.

New Patients Offer

We offer a professional one-hour dental appointment for a discounted price. Call our office to find out about our latest specials in our Mesa location. The best part: You still get the best that dentistry has to offer along with the great savings.