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How to Raise Kids Who Aren’t Afraid of the Dentist

October 11, 2017
Most people with dental anxieties and fears got them as children. From unexpected pain to an insensitive dentist, fears can be created by almost anything and anyone. As parents, what we all want most is to raise happy, healthy children. Part of that means making sure they get good dental care from a young age […]

7 Ways to Improve Your Smile

October 4, 2017
Your smile is the first thing most people notice about you. It’s your calling card on job interviews, first dates, and parent/teacher conferences. Smiling makes us look younger and makes people around us feel good. A great smile can get you through awkward moments and help you defuse an angry situation. A great smile is […]

How to Talk to Your Dentist About Your Fears

September 27, 2017
You’ve finally done it. You made an appointment for the dentist for the time in years or the first time ever. Just because you’ve set the date doesn’t mean your fears about the dentist have magically gone away. They’re still there, eating away at you and keeping you up at night. The closer you get […]

7 Uncommon Dental Fears

September 20, 2017
Being afraid of going to the dentist is more common than you might realize. But what if you’re afraid of something that doesn’t get talked about much? You could easily believe you’re the only one who feels this way, which makes it more difficult to go to the dentist or talk about your fears. Fears […]

How to Avoid Problems with Your Dental Implants

September 13, 2017
Getting dental implants is a big procedure and requires time, money, and commitment. When you go to all that effort, you want to know it will work the way it’s supposed to. No medical or dental procedure works 100 percent of the time, but many of the most common problems are avoidable. If you’re considering […]

The History of Dental Implants

September 6, 2017
Dental implants may seem like a marvel of modern technology, but in reality, they have a long, winding history. For as long as there have been people, there have also been people unhappy about losing their teeth. To understand why we use the implants available today in the 21st century, it’s important to look back […]

9 Dental Implant Myths You Probably Believe

August 30, 2017
Misinformation is almost too easy to find these days. A quick search online can bring up all kinds of myths and bad information for any topic. It can be hard to know what’s true and what isn’t. The world of dentistry and dental procedures are no different. Because going to the dentist makes people nervous, […]

What is a Dental Anxiety Scale?

August 23, 2017
It’s bad enough to be afraid of the dentist or of needles, but being unable to explain it to your dentist can be even worse. All you may know is that you’re terrified to go your appointment, break out into a cold sweat when you get there, and can’t sleep before an appointment. When you […]

How Your Dentist Can Help Ease Your Fears

August 16, 2017
Being afraid of the dentist isn’t something to joke about for most people. For some patients, it started with a bad visit that caused pain or other problems. Other people have other phobias or mental illness that contribute to their fear. It’s a very real problem for many dental patients. Even those who force themselves […]

8 Things You May Not Know About Dental Implants

August 9, 2017
No one wants to lose a single tooth, let alone several or all of them. A missing tooth can make your smile look different and make you feel awkward when meeting new people. Losing several teeth is worse as your smile is obviously changed, and you may not be able to eat foods you love. […]
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