Why Oral Surgery Doesn’t Have to Be Scary

Spooky season is here and Halloween is right around the corner. While many people have visions of scary ghosts and goblins in their head right now, you may have visions some other scary thing — oral surgery. You may envision a mad dentist or the sound of dental drills in your head. If that makes you anxious, nervous or scared, you’re not alone. Fortunately, oral surgery does not have to be scary, not when you have options to combat it.

Allow Dental Staff To Walk You Through the Procedure

Allow Dental Staff To Walk You Through the ProcedureFor some people, oral surgery itself isn’t what scares them. Their anxiety comes from the fear of the unknown. They feel fearful because they don’t know exactly what their procedure entails or what will happen. And unfortunately, if you go online and try to research the subject, the procedure often sounds a lot scarier than it really is. These days, dental staff are ready to help with anxiety. They do that, in part, by walking your through the procedure and what will take place so you can put your mind at ease. Some will even show you the tools that will be used and explain the role each tool has so you will know exactly what is happening each and every step of the procedure.

Use Distraction Methods to Help You Relax

Another reason why oral surgery does not have to be scary is because there are many distraction methods you can use to help you relax. Breathing techniques, meditation, listening to music or even watching television are all techniques that  you may use before and during the procedure. Some people even find that hypnosis can help them. Dental offices realize the positive effects of distraction methods. As such, the office you select may offer you headphones and music or may have a television in their office. Try different relaxation techniques prior to your appointment and see what makes you feel comfortable and relaxed.

Dental Sedation Options Are Available

Dental Sedation Options Are AvailableThere are different dental sedation options that range from simply numbing the area to helping you to relax to putting you to sleep. Some of the most common dental sedation options including numbing gels and injections, nitrous oxide, or laughing gas, conscious sedation, which involves taking a pill to help you relax, and IV sedation, which completely puts you to sleep. Dental sedation plays a key role in oral surgery and helping those with dental anxiety. If you feel anxious about the procedure and want to ensure you are completely comfortable and relaxed, be sure to talk to your dentist about the dental sedation options that they have available. They will discuss what is ideal for you based on the oral surgery scheduled and the amount of anxiety you have about the procedure.

Oral Surgery is Safer and Less Painful Than Ever Before

The final reason why you should not be fearful when it comes to oral surgery is because it is safer and less painful than ever before. Technology has provided dentists with new tools that are more accurate and less invasive. This isn’t to say that you may not experience some pain during or after a procedure. But, if your grandma or dad tells you about a painful procedure they had 30 years ago, you should not put too much stock into their experience and think it will be yours as well. Today, oral surgery is faster, more precise, and less painful than ever before.


While many people can conjure up scary images of dentists in their head, the reality of the situation is not scary at all. Here at Dental Brothers, we offer sedation dentistry in Mesa and Phoenix to help you get through your oral surgery. We can also work with you to help you relax and get the dental treatment you need. Contact one of our offices today to discuss your dental phobias and let our staff tell you what we can do to help you overcome your dental fears.

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