When it comes to their teeth, most people worry about going to the dentist, especially if an extraction is necessary. Some of the fear of having teeth pulled comes from not knowing what the process is all about and what to expect. At Dental Brothers Family to Family Care, we are happy to explain our process and take our patients through every step of the extraction procedure.

First, an evaluation must be done. We use X-rays as part of the pre-examination to verify that the tooth needs to be removed, if an infection is present and to see if any other conditions have developed.

dentist performing tooth extraction

Why Extract a Tooth?

Here are a few reasons why dental extractions are needed:

In the second step, we look at the patient’s medical history for any pre-existing health conditions that may conflict with the procedure, especially if the patient could be allergic to materials being used during the tooth removal. Afterward, we explain our findings and offer suggestions on what steps to take next.

With some extractions, surgery may be the best option to extract the tooth instead of a regular removal. Cases warranting a surgical dental extraction may include:

  • A broken or cracked tooth
  • A curved or crooked root of the tooth
  • An impacted wisdom tooth

Dental Extraction Procedure

Before proceeding, we thoroughly explain to our patients the necessity of the surgery and then let them weigh their options before going forward.

Depending on the reason for the extraction, stitches may be required. The gum tissue surrounding the tooth may have to be peeled back for better access to the tooth and/or jawbone. After the tooth removal, stitches are used to secure the tissue flap back in place.

As part of any dental extraction procedure, Dental Brothers will go over your options for replacing the pulled tooth. We will also provide after care instructions, including an estimated time for healing and alert you to any possible complications.

At Dental Brothers, our staff takes pride in offering you the best service and care to ensure that your dental experience goes as smoothly and as painlessly as possible.


Don’t wait to extract an unhealthy tooth, come visit us today!

You can trust Dental Brothers to take care of your extractions professionally and work with you on your overall dental health so you can maintain a healthy and radiant smile.

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