7 Ways to Prevent Tooth Loss

Gum disease, tooth decay, and other kinds of dental problems can increase your risk of tooth loss. Having missing teeth can affect different areas of your life, such as making it hard to eat or making you feel self-conscious when smiling. You can take several steps to lower your risk of tooth loss. Keep these tips in mind to help your teeth and gums stay healthy. And if you do lose a tooth, dental implants are a safe option.

Adopt Good Dental Hygiene

Adopt Good Dental HygieneOne of the simplest ways to prevent tooth loss is by practicing good dental care at home. Brush your teeth twice a day or more, especially after meals. You should also floss between your teeth twice a day to eliminate debris and reduce bacteria on your gums. Brushing and flossing help protect your teeth from plaque buildup and lower the risk of gum inflammation.

Avoid Starchy and Sugary Foods

Foods that have sugar or starch attract higher amounts of bacteria to your teeth and gums, leading to plaque buildup and gum problems. Instead of snacking on potato chips, candy, or baked goods, have healthy foods that are good for your teeth. These include fresh fruits and vegetables, cheese, yogurt, and nuts, which help your teeth stay strong and healthy while lowering the risk of plaque buildup. If you do eat starchy or sugary foods, you should brush your teeth at least twice a day to reduce your risk of tooth loss.

Use Fluoridated Products

Use Fluoridated ProductsFluoride helps protect your teeth from decay by making tooth enamel stronger. You might be able to get fluoride in your drinking water at home. You can also get this mineral by using toothpaste or mouthwash that has fluoride added to it. When you go for your regular dental cleanings, talk to your dentist about fluoride treatment options. Exposing your teeth to fluoride regularly can help lower your chance of dealing with tooth loss from severe decay.

Avoid Tobacco and Alcohol

Tobacco and alcohol products can put you at a higher risk of having gum disease and other dental problems, as well as an increased risk of oral cancers. All of these conditions can result in the loss of your permanent teeth. Avoid using tobacco products, and limit or avoid drinking alcohol to help your teeth and gums stay healthy.

Limit Acidic Foods and Drinks

Limit Acidic Foods and DrinksFoods and drinks with acid, such as citric acid, can end up damaging tooth enamel. This can make your teeth more susceptible to decay. If you do have soda, citrus fruits, or other acidic foods or drinks, have water afterwards to wash the acids away.

Avoid Biting on Objects

Biting down or chewing on objects other than food can lead to tooth injuries or damage. You shouldn’t use your teeth as tools for opening products, since this can cause cracks or other severe damage that could result in tooth loss.

Schedule Routine Dental Appointments

Schedule Routine Dental AppointmentsRoutine dental care involves professional cleanings and exams twice a year or more often if needed. Having a cleaning done helps your gums and teeth stay in good health, since dentists remove tartar and plaque during these visits. This helps reduce your risk of developing advanced tooth decay or gum disease. Keep in mind that periodontal disease and severe tooth decay are among the more common causes of tooth loss. Dental exams are also important for catching tooth decay or gum disease as early as possible in order to treat it.

Dental Implants for Tooth Loss

In some cases, tooth loss can’t be prevented. For example, severe decay might require a tooth extraction. When you are unable to save a tooth, keep in mind that there are options for replacement. Dental implants provide an effective way to replace missing teeth with natural-looking artificial ones. These implants are posts placed in your jaw that anchor replacement teeth. Our dentists in Mesa ensure that artificial teeth used for dental implants are made to look as close to your natural teeth as possible. This can restore your smile and ensure that missing teeth aren’t interfering with your ability to speak clearly or chew food.


If you’re looking for more information on dental implants in Phoenix or Mesa, please contact Dental Brothers. We can provide you with dental implants that restore your smile if you have had tooth loss.

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