6 Dental Tips for a More Kissable Valentine’s Day

If you have been watching television casually, or perusing ads in magazines or online you have probably come up with several scenarios where two attractive people are showing off their pearly whites and enjoying the perfect Valentine’s Day. Perhaps there is a bit of envy at play because you want to be just like the people who star in those ads.

Here at Dental Brothers, we can’t be there for you on your special romantic night, but we can help give you some tools that will up your chances of a more kissable Valentine’s Day. Here are a few tips to help you have the kissable Valentine’s Day you desire — and avoid dental emergencies that might ruin your plans.

Develop a Confident Smile

Develop a Confident SmileConfidence matters and can make all the difference in whether you succeed or not, and that includes having a successful date night with a special someone. Our mouths are one of the main places that can make or break this confidence. If your mouth doesn’t look and feel its best, you are going to have a hard time displaying a confident smile that will make you feel more confident, and show that confidence to whoever you are with.

Basic dental hygiene, like regular brushing and flossing, can go a long way toward keeping your teeth and gums healthy. It always seems like the camera is focused on those teeth, but gums matter too and if they are not healthy they can take away from that confident smile.

Get Help For Imperfections

Sometimes, life isn’t good to your teeth, even if you try to be diligent in taking care of them. Maybe a fall left you with a chipped or cracked tooth. We can help with many of those little imperfections that not only shake your confidence but also are bad for your teeth and oral health. Through cosmetic dentistry, we can help fix your smile into what you want it to be, whether it is one bothersome tooth or a whitening treatment on your whole mouth. We can even reshape your teeth if that is what is bothering you. If your natural smile is not reflecting who you are, let us help you bridge that gap.

Safeguard Against Dental Emergencies

Safeguard Against Dental EmergenciesSweet treats are popular on Valentine’s Day and that seemingly innocent chocolate can wreak havoc on a sensitive tooth, leading to immediate discomfort. Also eating hard or chewy candy can lead to broken teeth or crowns. These types of treats should be consumed with caution, and hard candy should not be bitten. If you experience sudden discomfort, an emergency dentist can give you the help you need to get back to a swoon-worthy Valentine’s celebration.

Remember Daily Hygiene, Every Day

Your mouth is your own, and aside from special times, you should keep it to yourself as much as possible. That means keeping it clean and not sharing things like toothbrushes. If you are somewhere feeling the need to brush up, it is better to wash your hands and use your finger or a cotton swab or piece of gauze before you borrow a toothbrush that someone else has used. Toothbrushes carry bacteria, and cavities can actually be contagious because the germs that cause them are.

Get to the Bottom of Bad Breath

Get to the Bottom of Bad BreathIf you just ate a big plate of something full of garlic and onions and your breath smells bad, that is understandable. But if it just feels icky and smelly in your mouth for no particular reason, it is time to investigate why. If it feels or smells like something died in there, maybe it did, and you need to get to the dentist to see what went wrong. Your dentist can get to bacteria you have been missing, and help heal possible infections that may be contributing to poor breath that can really kill a mood, not to mention affect your overall health.

Don’t Forget the Last Minute Tricks

Even with a healthy mouth, there are those things that make your mouth feel less than fresh right before the big date. Brushing, flossing, and using antibacterial mouthwash will give you a good head start before the date begins. It is also a good idea to watch what you order, and although things like sugarless breath mints and gum are no substitute for brushing, the American Dental Association approves of keeping them on hand in case of an emergency,


We hope every day is kissable and fun, but especially on Valentine’s Day. For all your routine dental needs and for emergency situations, contact Dental Brothers to set up your next appointment!



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