6 Dental Procedures You Don’t Have to Be Scared Of

When you have dental anxiety, any type of dental procedure can seem scary. While some procedures are invasive and complex, others are far more simple. Although it’s common for people to feel at least a little nervous about having dental work done, you don’t need to be afraid of every procedure. Find out more about several simple dental procedures that aren’t scary once you know what to expect.


FillingsFillings are one of the most common types of dental procedures. These are usually done in order to treat cavities and lower the risk of advanced tooth decay. However, your dentist might also use fillings to repair broken teeth in some cases. Getting a filling involves having the area around the tooth numbed. Your dentist will then drill into the tooth to remove decay and put a filling in place. Keep in mind that you won’t feel anything during this procedure, and it doesn’t take very long. In fact, getting a filling might take just a few minutes. Since fillings are such a common and simple dental procedure, there aren’t any major risks involved.

Crowns and Bridges

Dental crowns and bridges are used to restore or replace missing teeth. Dental crowns go on damaged teeth to reduce the risk of infections or more serious damage, while bridges are artificial teeth that are anchored or kept in place with a bridge that is attached to the natural teeth on either side. Having dental bridges or crowns done is typically not a complex procedure. You might need to have your teeth prepared for the crown or bridge, which involves having slight amounts of tooth enamel filed away. Overall, this is a straightforward procedure that is considered extremely safe.

Teeth Whitening

Teeth WhiteningWhen you have discolored or stained teeth, you can have them whitened to help restore your smile. Teeth whitening is a cosmetic dental procedure that involves the use of laser technology or other methods to break up or minimize stains. Having this procedure done is safe and has low risks, since it is not invasive.


Dental veneers are thin coverings that go on your teeth to hide flaws, such as stains or small chips. They can cover up a wide range of cosmetic problems that affect teeth, which helps improve your smile. Getting dental veneers involves having the surfaces of your teeth prepared with a grinding tool. This helps ensure that veneers stay on your teeth securely. Dentists then apply veneers to your teeth using cement. You shouldn’t feel any discomfort during this procedure.

Simple Tooth Extractions

Simple Tooth ExtractionsWhen you have advanced decay or severe damage, you might need to have a tooth removed or extracted. In some cases, this is a simple procedure, such as when the entire tooth is visible rather than being below the gum line. During a basic tooth extraction, dentists use local anesthesia to numb the area and prevent you from feeling discomfort. Dentists then remove the tooth without having to use a surgical procedure. More complex extractions requiring surgery are done when the affected teeth are broken off or under the gum line.


When you need to have misalignments corrected, you might wear aligners to achieve this. Aligners are placed on your teeth in order to shift them into the right position, so that they sit correctly in your mouth. Having aligners put on your teeth is non-invasive and should not cause any considerable discomfort.

Dental Sedation

Dental SedationSome people have severe dental anxiety that can make them feel nervous about having any dental procedure done. If you suffer from high levels of anxiety about dental work, even if you only need a simple procedure, dental sedation can help you feel calmer. Dental sedation in Mesa or Phoenix can be done in different ways, such as through the use of oral medication or IV sedation. You might benefit more from IV sedation for severe dental anxiety, since it tends to work faster than other types of sedation. Even mild anxiety can be helped with the most common (and safest) form of sedation available: nitrous oxide. No matter how simple or complex your procedure is, if you’re afraid, talk to your dentist about your sedation options.


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