Why Taking Care of Your Teeth Helps Your Dental Anxiety

Why Taking Care of Your Teeth Helps Your Dental Anxiety

Those who suffer from dental anxiety often put off regular dental visits. Unfortunately, failing to care for your teeth can lead to more dental problems, which may only heighten your fears and worries. Taking care of your teeth and regularly visiting a dentist helps with your dental anxiety.

Feel More Confident About Your Dental Health

Feel More Confident About Your Dental HealthWhen you regularly brush your teeth, floss them and have them cleaned by a dentist, you reduce the chances of cavities and other problems, such as gum disease, developing. This helps you feel more confident that you don’t have any major dental issues when you make your next appointment. This can dramatically help your anxiety, as many people worry about potential problems their dentist may find during the examination. By taking care of your teeth, you can feel more confident that you’ll get positive feedback at your next dental appointment.

Routine Dental Visits Help Build a Rapport With Your Dentist

When you routinely visit the same dental office, you get to know the people treating you, and they get to know you as well. This can help you to feel more comfortable at a dental appointment. When you walk in the front door and when you sit in the chair, you’ll have a higher comfort level with the people around you. All in all, this can help to ease your fears of the unknown, and relieve any social anxiety that you may suffer from as well. As your dentist gets to know you, they can do a better job of easing other anxieties and talking you through new or unknown procedures.

You Learn What to Expect

You Learn What to ExpectA lot of anxiety comes from a fear of the unknown. What will a procedure feel like? What tools with the dentist use? Will it hurt? When you come in for routine dental care — which is often non-invasive and pain-free — you learn more of what to expect during an appointment. Over time, your comfort level will increase and because you’ve built a rapport with the office staff and your dentist, you’ll feel more comfortable asking questions about what you don’t know.

Decrease the Frequency of Dental Appointments

Those who suffer from dental anxiety may not want to visit a dentist. However, taking care of your teeth helps you see the dentist a little less. Most people need to come in two to three times a year, depending on their age, condition of their teeth and any medical conditions that can affect their teeth. If you have poor dental health, you may need to see a dentist more often to have procedures done. This can increase your dental anxiety. Putting off visiting a dentist now may make you feel better temporarily but it may increase your need for dental work later. Keep your regular appointments and cleanings to prevent this  from happening to you.

Routine Dental Care Helps Prevent Invasive Dental Procedures

Routine Dental Care Helps Prevent Invasive Dental ProceduresInvasive procedures can include having to have a tooth pulled or having to have a root canal performed due to decay or rot. When your teeth are regularly cared for, you decrease the chance of getting a cavity. If cavities do form, they are caught and filled early, which drastically decreases the risk of further rot forming on your teeth. Those with dental anxiety often fear invasive dental procedures, as they may involve tools they are unfamiliar with or may be painful. Routine dental care can help to prevent needing to undergo these types of invasive procedures, giving you one less thing to worry about during an appointment.


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