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The Importance of Smiling in a Relationship

February 12, 2021
When you’re in a relationship, you want to be happy, and you want the other person to be as happy as possible. One of the best ways to tell if someone is happy is by how often they smile. But facial expression does not always naturally reflect how a person feels about their partner. Often […]

Give Yourself the Gift of a Brighter Smile

December 4, 2020
If you’re like a lot of people, the smile you see in the mirror doesn’t necessarily match the ones you see on television or in the movies. You can understand why those in the entertainment industry prioritize their looks, and particularly their smiles, but you may have wondered if you should dare put that extra […]

12 Reasons Why Your Smile is Important

October 18, 2017
Anyone with a smile they don’t like has certain tricks they use to hide. Your lips never part so all your smiles are closed and tight-lipped. When you can’t help but smile or laugh, you cover your mouth with your hand. Most of the time you walk around with a serious expression on your face, […]

7 Ways to Improve Your Smile

October 4, 2017
Your smile is the first thing most people notice about you. It’s your calling card on job interviews, first dates, and parent/teacher conferences. Smiling makes us look younger and makes people around us feel good. A great smile can get you through awkward moments and help you defuse an angry situation. A great smile is […]

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