Is It Better to Pull a Tooth or Try to Save It?

Besides routine exams and cleanings, the most common condition many dental patients face is sudden onset or chronic tooth pain. The pain can be unbearable to the point where many are eager to have their dentist pull the tooth.

Some patients feel uneasy at the cost of saving certain teeth. Thankfully there are often several options for resolving tooth pain without taking drastic action such as a tooth extraction. Let’s discuss how to handle tooth-related dental emergencies and whether extraction is the best option.

Dental Emergencies: Treatment That Can Save Teeth

Dental Emergencies: Treatment That Can Save TeethThere are many symptoms of minor and traumatic dental emergencies that can result in the need for extraction or restorative measures. Delays impede the chances of successfully saving teeth. It also increases pain and the potential for other complications if not quickly resolved. Here are some signs to call your dentist, along with steps to take until you are seen.

Tooth Pain

A persistent toothache can be a sign of a serious cavity, abscess, broken teeth or a lost filling. At the first signs of tooth pain, make an appointment and apply a cold compress, taking pain reliever if necessary.


An abscess causes swelling and major discomfort as  infectious fluid fill the cavity beneath the gum line. This can be very serious should the infection begin spreading through the bloodstream. Call your dentist right away for an emergency appointment and apply a compress to the area.

Lost Filling

Depending on the size of the filling, pain may or may not be immediate if one falls out. Getting in to see us right away to prevent infection from setting in or worsening.

Broken or Chipped Tooth

Rinse the piece of tooth with salt water and save it. Use gauze to stop bleeding and take pain reliever if needed. Apply gauze in the wound if bleeding persists until you get to a dental office.

Tooth Knocked Out

Accidents happen, and should a tooth get knocked out you need help immediately. Rinse the tooth off in plain water, don’t remove any tissue, and place the tooth back into the socket to prevent drying out. In some cases, we can save the tooth if you get here within an hour of the incident.

Potential Risks of Tooth Extraction

Any dental professional will confirm that it’s always best to try and save your natural tooth or undergo some form of restoration to retain your smile. Missing teeth can negatively impact daily life in many ways such as:

There are several effective options dentists in Mesa  can employ to stave off these problems and help maintain oral health.

Procedures to Save Teeth

Procedures to Save TeethAn emergency dentist in Phoenix can offer an honest evaluation concerning the most realistic ways to save your tooth before recommending extraction. We typically look into endodontic treatment options such as a root canal first. They tend to feel more natural than alternatives such as dentures or bridges and are more affordable than implants.

Root Canals: When a tooth is deeply infected or the pulp is inflamed due to a crack or faulty crown or filling, a root canal can restore the tooth by saving the roots and capping it with a realistic porcelain crown.

Bridges: A bridge consists of one or more artificial teeth that are affixed to a metal frame permanently to surrounding teeth where one has been extracted.

Dentures: Like bridges, dentures are artificial teeth that are removable and are often used to replace several or all of one’s teeth.

Dental Implants: Those wanting to avoid the look and feel of removable dentures or bridges may choose dental implants\. They look very realistic and require the same treatment as natural teeth concerning care and cleaning. This is a multiple step surgical process that is quickly becoming more popular and affordable with patients.


Sometimes your tooth needs to be pulled, and sometimes it can be saved. Here at the Dental Brothers, we have offices in Phoenix and Mesa, Arizona that offer both routine care and emergency dental services. If you want to keep your smile looking great and teeth healthy, schedule an appointment today.






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