How Dental Sedation Can Change How You See Dental Care

Many people deal with dental anxiety. It often delays trips to the dentist, and sometimes keeps people from going at all. Many wait until their pain feels unbearable before they finally schedule an appointment. Some level of anxiety is felt by over a third of the population. Here at Dental Brothers we recognize that this is a real issue for many, which is why dental sedation plays a strong role in our treatment of our patients.

Understand Dental Sedation

Understand Dental SedationFear of dental procedures has a long history, and many substances have been used over time to help people with it. As far back as 2250 B.C., an herbal mix was used. Wine was used in 1000 B.C. The 16th Century brought the use of ether and nerve compression to reduce pain. Nitrous oxide made its debut in 1779. After some experimentation, it became known as “laughing gas” and became more widely used in various dental procedures.

In the 19th and early 20th centuries, other options were tried, including cocaine, which was rejected due to lack of control. During this time, Novocaine became the standard anesthesia. Over time dental sedation has evolved even more. Today dental sedation methods range from nitrous oxide to conscious sedation to IV sedation dentistry that actually allows patients to sleep through dental procedures.

Redefine Your Dental Experience

Dental anxiety can be very complex. For some, it is an extension of other types of anxiety. It can stem from the fear of pain, but it can also come from not having control over the situation. The mere closeness of the dentist during a procedure can cause discomfort, especially if the patient has a history of negative experiences. You may be worried about side effects, or what will happen once the anesthesia wears off. You may have also experienced or heard stories about a bad dental experience that you have trouble putting out of your mind.

By choosing a dentist that offers many options for anxiety management, including dental sedation, you can take back control of the situation. You can redefine your dental experience. Ultimately, this contributes to your overall oral health and puts you on the right path towards a positive relationship with your dentist.

Talk to Your Dentist About Your Dental Anxiety

Talk to Your Dentist About Your Dental AnxietyNot everyone needs full dental sedation to undergo a dental procedure. Knowing all of your options, even if you don’t use them, may provide comfort. Many patients prefer to consider other options to manage their anxiety. Some practice meditation or use guided imagery while during their dental procedure or appointment. Some take short-acting anti-anxiety medications before they come in. If these methods work for you, use them. What matters most is your comfort and that you take care of your dental health. Dental procedures aren’t always the most comfortable. Here at Dental Brothers we want to keep you as comfortable as possible, regardless of the procedure.

We know just how common dental anxiety is, and do not judge our patients for being uncomfortable. What’s important is to find a way past your fears, because the longer you wait on a dental emergency, the more difficult it becomes. Making your appointment and walking in the door are the most important steps. Once you tackle those challenges, you and your dentist can take on the rest in the way that works best for you.


We take the relationships we have with our patients seriously. We’re not just about filling cavities and sending you on your way. We want you to have a clear understanding of your procedures and the importance of follow-up care, whether you come in for a cleaning or need major restorative work done.  Good communication is vital, and it helps us build strong relationships with patients that encourage a healthy attitude toward dentistry.

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