5 Things Scarier Than Your Fear of the Dentist

On Halloween night, it is common for people to come face-to-face with their fears. Whether it be a scary clown, a spooky witch, or hauntingly realistic ghost, both children and adults see scary images and costumes, confronting their worst nightmares. But for those who suffer from dental anxiety, Halloween may not be the scariest time of the year. Those who suffer from fear of the dentist may be too scared to get the dental care that they need. If this sounds like you, it’s important to realize that there are a lot of scary consequences associated with not regularly seeing your dentist.

Read on to learn about five things that scarier than your fear and why you shouldn’t let that stop you from visiting your dentist.

You Will Likely Develop Halitosis

You Will Likely Develop HalitosisOne of the things that you may experience if you fail to get routine dental care is halitosis. Halitosis is the medical term for chronic bad breath. When you fail to visit the dentist, your teeth are not being professionally cleaned. The plaque that builds up on your teeth can carry bacteria that can cause bad breath. You may also develop cavities that can cause bad breath.

You Can Experience Dental Pain

Another thing scarier than visiting a dentist is the pain associated with dental conditions that are not properly cared for. You may experience sensitivities in your teeth when drinking hot or cold beverages. You may experience pain when chewing. Also you may experience a throbbing in your teeth, jaw or cheek. Many people describe dental pain as being some of the worst pain they’ve ever felt. Unfortunately, there are not many home remedies to help ease that discomfort. Visiting a dentist helps you avoid severe pain in your teeth, gums, and mouth.

You May Develop a Multitude of Health Problems

You May Develop a Multitude of Health ProblemsIf you fail to get routine dental care, you may likely know that you are at increased risk for developing tooth problems, gum disease or dental abscesses. But, many people do not realize that they also put their overall health at risk by failing to visit a dentist. One of the lesser known things that a dentist does is complete an oral cancer screening while examining your mouth. If you don’t make an appointment (and go!), you may not get this screening done. Diabetes, breast cancer, heart disease and stroke are a few of the other health-related conditions related to poor oral or dental health. Your odds of developing one or more of these conditions increase when you don’t take care of your teeth.

You Are More Likely to Need Expensive Dental Procedures

While you may fear seeing the dentist, there is something else that can be more frightening than not going. Those who do not have regular check-ups and cleanings are more likely to need expensive and invasive dental procedures later. This includes root canals and dental implants. These expensive procedures are not typically fully covered by dental insurance, so you may face a pricey bill if you put off seeing a dentist.

Your Smile May Not Be Picture Perfect

Your Smile May Not Be Picture PerfectThe final thing scarier than going to the dentist is the how your smile may change over time. If you do not go to check-ups, your teeth are more likely to become discolored, develop cavities and/or fall out. You show your teeth more often than you realize. When you smile, when you talk, and even when you eat, your teeth are on display. Many people with less-than-perfect smiles are ashamed of their teeth. Properly caring for your teeth helps you to retain your self-esteem and have a picture perfect smile to show off.


At Dental Brothers, we know that not everyone is able to overcome their dental anxiety on their own. This is why we offer different types of  dental sedation in Mesa and Phoenixa. This allows those who need a little extra help while visiting a dentist get the dental care they needed without feeling scared. Dental care is important. If you suffer from dental anxiety, reach out to us today and let us help you get dental care and treatment while also helping to ease the anxiety you may feel when visiting a dentist.

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