5 Things Good Emergency Dentist Do

5 Things Good Emergency Dentist Do

When you’re in pain and worried, the last thing you need is for the doctor providing to care to make you feel worse. It’s true in medical emergencies and in dental emergencies. In fact, since so many patients have some form of anxiety or fear when seeing their dentist, it’s even more important in a dental emergency.

We hope you never need to make an emergency dental appointment, but if you do, here’s what a good dentist will do for you.

Help You Relax

Help You RelaxYour emergency might happen because you bit down on something too crunchy or chewy. But it might also occur after an accident or injury. These moments are fraught with tension, and it’s understandable that you’ll be stressed out and worried. A good emergency dentist will help you relax.

Their demeanor makes a big impact. If they’re calm and caring, it’s easier to listen and feel confident that you’re in good hands. But when you’re on edge and in pain, the right dentist will also offer options to help you relax like nitrous oxide. A good dentist knows it’s easier to help a patient when you’re more comfortable.

Listen to You

Listen to YouIn an emergency situation, your dentist needs to know what happened that caused the problem and what your needs are going forward. This means they should be willing to listen to you and consider your unique situation and the circumstances of your dental emergency.

No one likes to be ignored, talked over, or disregarded. A good dentist will make you feel heard, seen, and respected. You may need ongoing dental care to properly heal, and the right dentist wants to form a working relationship with you so you get the ongoing help you need.

Offer Preventative Care

Offer Preventative CareSome emergencies can’t be helped because there’s no way to predict them. Think auto accident and sports mishaps. But some problems, like decaying teeth or painful gums, are preventable. While your dentist definitely wants to see you to follow up with you and to keep your teeth clean and healthy, they don’t want to see you back for another dental emergency.

A good dentist will talk to you about how to keep accidents and problems from happening in the future. They’ll also offer solutions and a plan to get your teeth and gums healthy again and keep them that way. You won’t be alone as you begin to heal the damage and prevent future problems.

Make Appointments Easy

Make Appointments EasyHalf the battle of getting to the dentist is making an appointment. A good emergency dentist gives you plenty of options. They offer flexible hours, multiple locations, and easy ways to make your appointment — like clicking a button on their website.

Finding your emergency dentist before you need them makes this process even smoother for you. You’re already in the system, and you know how their office operates. When you need to see the dentist, it’ll be even easier to get in.

Know That One Size Won’t Fit All

Know That One Size Won’t Fit AllWhile your problem might be relatively common, good emergency dentists know that not every treatment option works for every patient. They’ll consider your medical and dental history, as well as your fears and worries, while also taking other factors into consideration.

The right dentist for you will see you as a unique individual. They’ll take the time to find the best solution for your particular needs. The ultimate goal is for you to have healthy teeth and gums and see the dentist on a regular basis.


We hope you never have a dental emergency and never need to see your dentist outside of regular cleanings and procedures. But accidents happen and some problems can sneak up on you when you’re busy living the rest of your life. When that happens, make sure you see a dentist in Mesa or Phoenix who will give you the emergency dental care you need and deserve in a kind and compassionate way — and be there for you whenever you need them.