5 Procedures That May Require IV Dental Sedation

5 Procedures That May Require IV Dental Sedation

IV dental sedation is a form of sedation given intravenously. There are different types of sedatives available which place you into different levels of consciousness. You will not be aware of your surroundings, nor will you remember the procedure. Here are five procedures that may require the use of IV dental sedation.

Extracting Multiple Teeth

Extracting Multiple TeethExtracting multiple teeth can be a painful procedure. There are plenty of reasons you may need to have this procedure done. Having all four of your wisdom teeth removed at once, removing multiple rotten teeth to make way for dental implants, or removing multiple teeth to deal with overcrowding, you may need IV dental sedation. This helps to prevent you from being in significant pain while the teeth are extracted or removed. It also ensures you lay completely still, so you’re more comfortable and your dentist can work a little longer.

Inserting Multiple Dental Implants

If you are missing teeth, you may decide to schedule a dental implant procedure. Before an actual tooth can be placed, a metal post is positioned in your jaw bone. This post becomes the anchor for the dental implant. Placing these posts can be tricky. You need to be completely still to ensure the post is properly placed. And since the post goes into your jaw bone, it can be painful. If you are having multiple posts placed at once,  IV dental sedation may help you sit through the procedure more easily and comfortably.

Jaw Bone Grafts

Jaw Bone GraftsIf you need a jaw bone graft, you will elect to have IV dental sedation during the procedure. While you will receive anesthetic to eliminate the pain, some patients dislike the sensation of the tools and the feeling of the procedure in their mouth. Dental sedation keeps you from being fully aware of what’s happening.

Your jaw bone deteriorate from infection, the loss of teeth and chronic periodontitis. Bone loss can affect your facial appearance, and it can also affect your ability to get dental implants. A jaw bone graft involves moving bone from one part of the body, typically the hip region, to your jaw region, to restore your jaw bone. This is an in-depth surgical procedure that can take hours to complete depending on the severity of the bone loss.

Serious Root Canals

Not every root canal is the same. Some root canals are more serious and take longer to complete, such as an apicoectomy. If you need a routine root canal, IV dental sedation is not usually necessary unless warranted for other reasons. However, if you are in severe pain that topical anesthetics cannot manage, if you need multiple root canals at once, or if your procedure is more serious than usual, IV dental sedation may be the best option for you.

Simple Procedures for Certain Groups of Individuals

Simple Procedures for Certain Groups of IndividualsLastly, IV dental sedation may be used for certain groups of people, rather than based on the procedure itself. Those who have crippling dental anxiety that prevents them from being able to get through a dental appointment may need IV dental sedation for simple procedures. Someone with mental or physical disabilities who finds it difficult to sit still and keep their mouth open for a dental procedure may need sedation for minor treatments. This helps ensure both they and the dentist stay safe. Your dentist can explain a dental procedure to you and help you determine if dental sedation is the best option for you or a loved one.


In the state of Arizona, dentist must undergo specific courses and obtain a permit in order to provide IV sedation to their dental patients. As such, if you suspect you or a family member may need this sedation option during a dental procedure, it is important to find a Phoenix, Arizona sedation dentist with the correct training and permits. Here at Dental Brothers, we offer various options when it comes to sedation dentistry, including IV sedation. Book an appointment with one of our dentists today and let us get you the dental care that you need.