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Dental Implants, Reconstructive & Series of Implants Placed In One Day

Smile Expertise Matched With Precision Dentistry

Whether you have one missing tooth or are completely edentulous (missing all teeth); whether you have been to the dentist recently or haven’t been to the dentist in decades with some real concerns, the Dental Brothers have immediate expert solutions in place just for you.

The Dental Brothers offers a combined advanced expertise in implant, reconstructive, aesthetic and functional dentistry that can turn back the hands of time and create the smile you’ve always wanted in as little as two visits.

Clients travel from across the state of Arizona to experience the advancements and expertise results of the Dental Brothers. Elevated excellence in dental implant and reconstructive dentistry results and patient care are made real and celebrated daily.

Our patients include ordinary genuine folks to major decision makers, executives and owners of companies, who know the power of a confident, healthy, functional and attractive smile.

All appointments are confidential, one to one, and designed to ensure all your questions are answered without any interruption. There is no charge for you initial consultation visit and best of all… you will get to see, feel and understand the benefits of the end result in advance with our 3D technology of patient interactive simulation.

Why we use the best dental implants and materials in the industry and how this benefits you?

When it comes to giving our patients the best that dentistry has to offer, our advanced expertise in understanding implantology matched with our research shows there simply is no other substitute for the PALTOP dental implant; where more than 30 years of elevated experience in the dental implantology field matched with decades of solid experience in scientific research, dental surgeries, implantology engineering have been proven. The patient and lifetime benefits of the PALTOP dental implant and results are extraordinary.

How are dental implants used to help a patient improve a smile and improve overall the ability to eat and enjoy life?

This is where it really gets exciting! Dental implants can be used to replace one tooth or a series of teeth to dramatically improve function of eating, speaking and confidence with aesthetics for the patient.


Single Tooth Implant or Multiple Teeth Option

Patients now have the benefit of having an ultra natural, strong and long lasting solution to replacing one missing tooth or a series of missing teeth. This advanced method of dentistry has been with rave reviews of patients who have successfully obtained an aesthetic and reconstructive smile that many believe is second to none. Providing a lifestyle of confidence matched with a quality life of eating the foods you love.

Keep Your Denture In Place With As Little As “4 Implants All On” Option

If you have no teeth at all and have dentures or if you know you need to have all your teeth removed and are considering dentures. Then the 4 Implant All On Technique can be an exciting option for you if your looking to really secure those dentures. Our 4 Implant All On Technique provides a patient with a series of implants placed in one day is a state-of-the-art innovative procedure that provides patients permanent attached (fixed) teeth utilizing as few as four dental implants. Dental Brothers in Mesa, Arizona specializes in offering you new teeth in as little as one to two days by using advanced implant treatment options for those that are about to lose or have lost all their upper and/or lower teeth.

Fearless Implant Dentistry….it’s achieved every day here . . .

Our Advanced 4 Implant All On Technique options allow many patients to have a new set of permanent teeth while you sleep with General Anesthesia, IV Sedation or Non-IV Oral Sedation Dentistry. You simply require to have someone drive you, stay during your visit, escort you home and have a caretaker you trust stay with you for a minimum of 8 to 24 hours depending on the option you choose. We will go over these options in detail with you at your initial implant visit so you can make a decision with confidence.

 Creating Your Treatment Plan Is Easy

With Dental Implants, the patient has one or two visits to the offices of the Dental Brothers to allow the expertise of your care to come together for an outstanding result. This allows us to gather information for a comprehensive treatment plan. The records that are gathered in order to formulate a treatment plan might include a 3D CT Scan, X-Rays, jaw relation records, impressions and photos.

Following this dental implant consultation, the patient is scheduled for surgery implantation and the new teeth are fitted and adjusted. Depending on the nature of your tissue in some cases it can happen in all in one appointment while the patient sleeps comfortably. When the doctors evaluate your specific needs, they will let you know which options will be optimum for you.

 Who should consider dental implants or reconstructive dentistry? Who is a candidate?

People with several failing or missing teeth.

People who are in need of multiple dental implants.   People who wear dentures.

People with broken, damaged, dark and diseased natural teeth.

Conventional dentures vs Implant Supported Dentures

A full set of dentures allows for about 10% of chewing capacity compared to a full set of natural teeth. This means a softer diet which may eliminate some of the foods that you are accustomed to eating.

With Implant Supported Dentures you can regain your self- confidence and 70-90% of your chewing ability. Eat the foods you once enjoyed.

Adhesive Hassle of Dentures Are Eliminated With Implant Supported Dentures

The adhesives to keep the dentures in place are also a hassle to manage and not 100% effective. It’s no wonder denture wearers are extremely self-conscious and reluctant to socialize. Without natural or artificial tooth roots, your jaw will begin to shrink due to bone loss. This will cause your dentures to become ill fitting and slick making it difficult and painful to eat.

Over time a shrinking jaw bone ultimately changes the shape of your face. Your mouth and jaw will appear to collapse. Your lips will seem thinner. And your skin will begin to wrinkle specially in the areas around your mouth and neck. Without an adequate amount of bone it will be difficult to wear dentures and eventually even dental implants might not be a viable option.

Placed early enough however, dental implants can help prevent jawbone loss and help preserve facial contours.

Benefits of Dental Implants & Reconstructive Dentistry

New teeth in as little as just one day   Minimally invasive procedure

Less pain and swelling

No more ill-fitting dentures or partial dentures   Eliminates denture adhesives

Teeth are secure like your natural teeth   Fewer dental visits

Immediate results

Cost effective compared to traditional implants   Life changing procedures

Dramatic and immediate enhanced appearance.

 Will I be treated with privacy and confidence? How much is a consultation?

We respect our patient’s privacy and your desire to have all your questions answered in a private setting. All patient appointments are designed to be one on one with the doctor. Our consultations are at no-charge allowing you to know all the options best suited for you.Modern dentistry offers a great way to correct the problem of missing teeth: dental implants. Implants are tiny titanium posts placed into the jaw bone to provide a foundation for replacement teeth. Used instead of conventional crowns and dentures, dental implant technology can help preserve jaw bone strength while giving more comfort and a natural-looking smile.

Usually, the dental implant process has three steps:

  • The implant is surgically implanted into the jaw bone.
  • Over a period of time the jaw bone actually heals painlessly around the implant to hold it strongly in place.
  • A customized tooth, designed with the right size, shape and color to blend in with other teeth, is placed on the implant.

Visit Dental Brothers to discover whether dental implants can replace your missing teeth, overcome existing denture problems, and rediscover comfort and confidence when eating, speaking and smiling!

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Dental Implant - $2097