Why is a Family Dentist Important?

Why is a Family Dentist Important?

Having a family dentist is essential if you plan on properly taking care of your family’s dental care needs. When you have a family dentist whom you see regularly, they become like an extended part of the family. Twice-yearly check-ups help to keep your gums and teeth healthy and in good condition. Seeing a dentist, especially one that keeps up on the latest technology in the field, will help you face any problems that may arise as you get older.


The most important thing about having a family dentist is the familiarity you feel when you visit. They will have all of your dental records at their disposal and are familiar with your particular heath care and dental issues. Starting your children early and keeping the same dentist throughout their growing years helps to build a positive relationship that prevents fear and alienation. Children who see the same dentist from their first visit can create a bond with them, much like the ones they have with their regular pediatrician other health care providers.

Regular, Consistent Service

Twice-yearly dental exams are essential to keep teeth clean and white. A family dentist builds their practice by keeping families returning on a regular basis. By seeing the same dentist at each appointment, you don’t have to worry about whether or not they will know about your particular needs. A family dentist provides regular, consistent service with each appointment.

Preventative Care

Family dentists specialize in providing various types of dental care to people of all ages. Young children require special care, not only because of their youth, but because their mouths and teeth are still developing. Preventative measures must be taught at an early age so the child knows how to properly care for their teeth.

With proper brushing, flossing and rinsing, children can prevent cavities and gum disease, while keeping their mouths fresh and clean. Dental cleanings, fluoride treatments, and in some cases, the use of special techniques and appliances are needed to protect teeth from everyday exposure to bacteria and other harmful contaminants that can affect the heath of your mouth.

Dental Brothers

The Dental Brothers are a family dental practice and we are dedicated to our patients. It is our goal to provide each of our patients with the best dental care possible. Call and make an appointment for a dental exam today! With regular visits, we can keep your mouth healthy and your smile bright and white!