Why Bad Teeth Shouldn’t Keep You From Going to the Dentist

Why Bad Teeth Shouldn’t Keep You From Going to the Dentist

Some dental fears and anxieties come from traumatic experience or anxiety that permeates other parts of your life. But there are some fears that have more to do with potential judgment and shame than anything else. If you’re ashamed or embarrassed by what your teeth look like, you might not want to see a dentist.

Here’s why you shouldn’t be afraid or nervous about seeing the dentist if you’ve got “bad” teeth.

You Won’t Be Judged

You Won’t Be JudgedMany fears that patients have are that they’ll be judged or criticized for the condition of their teeth. The fear feels justified because of how some people in public react to discolored, broken, or missing teeth. You may have caught a strange look or worried you’ve been laughed at. But a good dentist is a professional. They want to help you correct the problem, and they will tell you how to avoid problems in the future, but they’re not judging you.

If you feel judged by your dentist in Phoenix, it’s time to find someone who will treat you with compassion.

You’re Not the Worst Case

Every experienced dental professional has seen their share of bad teeth. For all your fears and worries, you’re most likely not the worst case scenario. And even if you are, a good dentist won’t recoil in horror or make hurtful comments. Great dentists see a problem to solve and a way to make you healthier. When you refuse to make the appointment, you put your health in jeopardy and that bothers a dentist more than the physical appearance of your teeth.

It May Be a Fixable Problem

It May Be a Fixable ProblemIt’s common to worry that you’ve ruined your teeth and gums forever and you’re doomed to have bad teeth forever. Thanks to advancements in dental technology, you have more options to cure or correct dental problems than ever before. In some cases, your teeth may need to be extracted but dental implants offer a corrective solution that looks natural. No one you meet in the future will know what your teeth looked like before. And your friends and family will be happy that you’ve got a new smile.

Your Health Could Get Worse

Your oral health and physical health are intertwined. What happens in your mouth impacts your body and vice versa. By not taking care of your teeth, including any current problems, you put your physical health in jeopardy. It’s not uncommon that patients who avoid the dentist also avoid going to the doctor. Your family wants you to be around for a long time. Start with a dental appointment and take care of your oral health. After that, seeing a doctor may not seem so scary, either.

You Can Prevent Future Problems

You Can Prevent Future ProblemsAs bad as you fear your teeth are now, by not seeing a dentist, you’re almost guaranteeing that things will get worse. Whether today’s problems can be reversed or not, your dentist can help you prevent future problems. Gum disease is progressive and only gets worse over time. Decaying teeth can impact your gums and the rest of your teeth. Get the help you need to slow down or stop the cause of your current dental ailments.

Get a Smile You Love

The big fear most patients have is that they’ll never have a nice smile again. They often believe they’ve ruined their mouth and there’s no help for them. That’s not necessarily true, and only a dentist can tell you for sure. There’s a very good chance that by coming in for an appointment and sitting through the procedures you need, you can have a smile you love and that you’re proud of. But if fear holds you back, you’ll never know for sure.


You’re not alone in feeling ashamed of how your teeth look or being afraid of going to the dentist. Many patients feel the same way. The right dentist in Mesa or Phoenix will help you move past your fears and anxieties and give you back a smile you can love and be proud of. Ask your dentist about sleep dentistry. You don’t have to go through this alone, and you don’t have to watch your smile get worse, either. Make an appointment today and get the dental care you need.