Which Cosmetic Dental Procedure is Right for You?

Which Cosmetic Dental Procedure is Right for You?

It’s not just movie stars and celebrities who want a beautiful smile. Everyone loves having a great, memorable smile. Cosmetic dentistry can correct many common dental problems like replacing missing teeth with dental implants. If you’re insecure about your smile, check out a few of your options.

Tooth Whitening

Tooth WhiteningEven if you avoid smoking or drinking tooth-staining beverages, over the years, your dental enamel can take on a yellowish tinge. Tooth whitening procedures help improve stained or yellowed teeth. Several options exist for tooth whitening from in-office treatments to at-home options you buy from your dentist. Whitening procedures are some of the least expensive cosmetic dental procedures. If you opt for the at-home whitening kits, start by going to the dentist for a good cleaning. Whitening is most effective if all plaque and tartar have been removed from the tooth surface before whitening occurs.

Dental Veneers

Dental veneers can change the whole look of your smile. If you feel your teeth are too small, too stained, or have some other cosmetic shortcoming, you may want dental veneers. The dentist shaves a tiny amount of tooth enamel from your teeth. Then, with dental grade adhesive, a very thin, custom-made shell is bonded to your front teeth to improve their appearance. The dental veneers may be made from resin or porcelain. They are made individually for each patient so they will fit in with your existing teeth. This process gives you a new smile.

Dental Crowns

Dental CrownsDo you have a broken, cracked, or chipped tooth? Dental crowns fit over what remains of your tooth. Your dentist crafts a new tooth from artificial materials that matches your existing teeth in shape, size, and color. The crown is glued to your existing tooth. Once the procedure is complete, no one can tell which is which as long as you choose a crown made of tooth colored material. Crowns can be made of metal, resin, or ceramic.

Composite Fillings

Gone are the days when those who deal with cavities have a mouth full of dark-colored fillings. Composite bonding uses a tooth-colored material to fill cavities, so that only trained dental providers can spot it. When you have tooth decay and ask for composite bonding, the dentist will drill out the damaged tooth material until there is nothing left but healthy tooth matter. Then, to keep the crevice from attracting bacteria and food debris, the opening is filled with an inert material. Composite bonding uses a naturally-colored substance that the dentist packs into the tooth before shaping it and curing it with a bright light.


ContouringIf your teeth are slightly uneven, or if you have some small chips or worn dental surfaces, you may be a candidate for dental contouring.  During dental contouring, the dentist will take a polishing tool and buff away these minor defects. Since only the surface of the tooth enamel is touched, this procedure requires no anesthesia. Only one visit is needed to improve your smile. Like tooth whitening, this is the least invasive and quickest cosmetic dental procedure.

Dental Implants

An alternative to a traditional crown, a dental implant creates a brand new tooth where one has been broken or has gone missing. In a dental implant procedure, the dentist inserts a titanium “tooth root” into your jaw. Your gums grow around the titanium piece, and later, an artificial tooth can be attached to the artificial root. The implant functions just like a natural tooth, but it is more durable than typical crowns since the root becomes a part of the jaw. This procedure can take several office visits and some time as the body has to heal to anchor the artificial tooth root.

Once in, dental implants function just like natural teeth. You brush and floss as usual and make regular check-ups to have them cleaned and looked over. When you take care of your dental implants, they can last 20 years or longer.


If you are interested in discussing your cosmetic dentistry options in Phoenix, contact Dental Brothers.  Whether you are interested in dental implants, contouring, tooth whitening, or some other cosmetic dental procedure, we can answer your questions and provide the expertise that you need. You don’t have to live with a smile you hate. Let us help!