Tips to Help You Remain Calm when Visiting the Dentist

Tips to Help You Remain Calm when Visiting the Dentist

Calming Tips

Nobody relishes the thought of going to the dentist. Even people who love the feeling of a fresh mouth after a cleaning don’t really look forward to climbing into that chair and having their teeth worked on.

For some people though, visiting the dentist can be a very traumatic experience. Many people put it off so long that they actually have to undergo more complicated, expensive and potentially painful procedures. That is why visiting the dentist regularly – even if you hate the thought of going – is so important.

If you’re afraid of the dentist, there are some things you can do to make the whole experience easier. Use these tips to help keep you calm from the time you arrive at the dentist’s office until you’re cleared to leave.

Discuss Your Anxiety

Before you get into the dentist’s chair, let him or her know that you’re anxious about being there. Letting your dentist’s office know about anxiety will help them understand how to best work with you, from explaining the procedures in depth or simply going slowly to keep you more comfortable.

Talking about your dental anxiety allows your skilled, well-trained dentist to ease your fears. Believe it or not, almost every patient has some level of dental anxiety.

Learn about Procedures

Knowledge is power, but when it comes to dental procedures, knowledge can make you much less fearful of what’s about to happen. Whether you’re going to the dentist’s office for a regular checkup and cleaning or you need a root canal, crown or dental implant, learning about the procedure can help.

Use the internet as a resource and do your homework. Knowing what to expect can make visiting the dentist much more comfortable.

Take the time to ask your dentist any questions you may have about the procedure as well, even if it’s a standard one like a cleaning or X-ray.

Don’t Go Alone

You may not be able to have your partner or best friend hold your hand through a dental procedure, but that doesn’t mean you need to be all alone. Sometimes just taking somebody you care about with you can make the experience much more bearable.

Have a friend or family member drive you to the dentist while talking with you about other things. That same person will be there to drive you home and make you feel better after you’re done, too.

Simply knowing that someone you care about and trust is in the waiting room makes many people feel more comfortable when visiting the dentist’s office.

Try Deep Breathing Exercises

Many people who experience anxiety at the dentist’s office simply don’t feel equipped to calm themselves down. Simple anxiety can very quickly turn into a panic attack when faced with a dental procedure.

One of the best methods you can use to reduce your overall level of anxiety is deep breathing exercises. These should be practiced before you visit the dentist and used regularly during your appointment. From the time you’re in the waiting room to the time you spend in the chair, deep breathing techniques can make uncomfortable situations much more bearable.

Learning deep breathing techniques can also be beneficial because they can be used in any difficult situation in your life, not just when you’re at the dentist’s office.

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