Dental Science Is A Combination of Art Forms

Dental Science Is A Combination of Art Forms

Every day millions of us look through magazines and see beautiful men and women revealing a face that gives each of us a response to our subconscious of balance, distinction and personal affection. Have you ever wondered how this ever came about? Is the shape, size and overall look of our attraction linked to our DNA or is our environment?

Scientists have studied this for years. And the theory behind many of them gives us great insight on how beauty and design plays a role in everything we look at today, even beyond the face.

In dentistry, this passion for balance of science and beauty is something we have been swimming in excitement for years. The elevation in visual symmetry in dentistry has transformed the patient experience of results leaps and bounds.

Today dental patients receive a huge benefit in their results in advanced dentistry.  Patients can optimally restore decayed, crooked and unattractive teeth both from a functional level and an elevated aesthetic level.

Having a dentist that understands all these elements and has mastered the application of all of these into one is really what separates the Dental Brothers from the masses.   Both Dr. Dan Gafni and Dr. Tal Gafni come from a family history of respected architects,  scientists and artists.  They grew up intricately with that ongoing conversation of exploring facts, visiting opportunities for improvement.

That background combined with their elevated education in dentistry has made them one of the most respected dentists in the Arizona valley.