How Much Do Dental Implants Cost?

How Much Do Dental Implants Cost?

Most people would love to have a beautiful, perfect smile. If you hide your smile behind your hand or maintain a serious expression, you know how hard it can be to live without a smile you love. One missing tooth or teeth full of dentures that shift or flap causes embarrassment or discomfort.

You want teeth and a smile you can be proud of and know dental implants are one of the best options, but the cost stops you. You’re not sure your insurance will cover the costs or you have a deductible that’s too high. The upfront costs for implants seem exorbitant and you’re not sure it’s worth it.

Dental implants are still the single best option for replacing missing teeth and maintaining the integrity of your jawbone and facial structure after you lose one or all of your teeth. The cost may not be as insurmountable as you think it is.

Dental Implants and Insurance

Dental Implants and InsuranceTooth implants have a reputation for being drastically expensive and out of reach for many people. Most patients understandably focus on the cost of implants. They want to know a few things: How much is it going to cost? Will my insurance cover dental implants?

How much does an implant cost with insurance? The reality is that many insurance providers won’t cover the full cost of a dental implant. That doesn’t mean some don’t, it’s just not common. Over the past several years more dental insurance policies have begun to help cover dental implants in varying degrees. It’s more common for insurance to help pay for the cost of the crown but not the implant.

How much your insurance policy covers you for dental implants (if at all) depends completely on the company, the policy you have, and your deductible. You need to check before assuming your tooth implants will be covered by insurance. A good dentist’s office can help you find this out and get answers to your questions long before you’re in the chair and ready for the procedure.

Lower Maintenance Costs

Lower Maintenance CostsWhen many patients hear the initial cost of dental implants, sticker shock sets in. Even the best value or package for dental implants feels high. What you want to remember is that dental implants are designed to last the rest of your life. If you take care of your crowns, all you need are routine check-ups and basic brushing routines.

Other forms of tooth replacement, like dentures and standard crowns, have maintenance costs to consider. Dentures are only meant to last about seven years so you’ll likely have to replace them at least once. The cost goes up exponentially when you live a long, healthy life. When you take care of your tooth implants, you pay one price and that’s it.

How Much Do Implants Cost?

How Much Do Implants Cost?The cost for dental implants varies from provider to provider. In some offices, you may pay $5000 for a single implant and crown. If you need more than one implant or several crowns and abutments, the entire procedure quickly becomes too expensive for the average patient. It doesn’t have to be this way.

At Dental Brothers, we offer a dental implant package for patients without insurance that makes the entire procedure much more affordable. For $2,597, you’ll receive a complete implant that includes the implant itself, an abutment (the connector portion of the implant), and the crown which acts as your new tooth.

Before you can schedule a dental implant procedure, we have to know if you’re a good candidate or not. No, not everyone can get dental implants. In our office, the consultation to discuss your specific situation and needs is completely free and pressure free. What matters most is that you have a healthy smile that you’re happy with.


How much would you pay to have a beautiful smile again? Thankfully, with the right dentist and best plan, not as much as you might think. Because dental implants help maintain your oral health, we hope that one day more insurance companies will cover the procedure. The cost of a dental implant may seem high but when you think of what you receive in return, it’s really an investment. But that doesn’t mean you should have to pay too much, either and Dental Brothers, you don’t have to.