Infections In Mouth Travel Into The Body

Infections In Mouth Travel Into The Body

Have you or someone you know ever experienced tooth pain? How about seeing someone with a huge inflammation in the mouth area that looks like a golf ball? Well these are the physical signs we feel and see.   But most patients are unaware that there are dangers beyond what we can see and feel. And infections in the mouth are often silent until the last few stages of urgent restoration.

Untreated infections, severe caries and abscesses in the mouth can travel into the bloodstream causing and exacerbating many health conditions. These health conditions include, stroke, heart attack, head and neck cancer, diabetes and the list goes on.  So, when you come in for your routine dental visits, we make sure we check on these signs diagnostically before any attack happens on the tooth of an individual, preventing that ripple effect.

The diagram in our Mouth and Body connection was specifically created by our team to give patients a visual understanding that everything in the mouth has a relationship with the body. So, we are not just restoring a tooth or teeth for a person with a lot of dental problems, we are actually restoring teeth and body all at the same time.

Patients often say that once they start treating the infection in their mouth, they feel dramatically better physically. Feeling better can mean everything from increased energy, ear pain or jaw pain gone, to headaches eliminated from the throbbing, to improved diagnosis in diabetic treatment or quicker recovery time treating an illness.

So the best route of preventing any serious dental condition is scheduling your professional dental cleaning and clinical exams on a routine basis.  If you haven’t been in awhile, now is a great start to begin taking great care of yourself.

And always remember to have our card or number in your wallet or purse.  So, the next time you or someone you know has the little spark of discomfort in a tooth or mouth, you can call us right away.

We will be sure to help catch stop the infection before it grows into something much more serious.