Avoid Dental Emergencies This Halloween with These 5 Tips

Posted in: Dental Emergency on October 9, 2020
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This Halloween, you may come across many frights, including witches, ghosts and goblins. But, if you are not careful, your frights may not end there. You can run into many dental problems, including dental emergencies, on Halloween. Knowing how to avoid the most common problems can help to ensure that your teeth are not given a trick or a fright on Halloween night.

Stay on Well-Lit Paths and Sidewalks

Stay on Well-Lit Paths and SidewalksTrips and falls may not receive as much attention as other perils, but they can lead to dental emergencies. On Halloween night, it is dark out and you or your children may be in costume. This increases the chances of tripping over a long costume or missing a raised portion of the sidewalk. If someone trips, they can fall face first onto cement and knock a tooth out or severely cut the inside of their mouth. If a tooth falls out or bleeding from inside the mouth cannot be stopped, this is a problem. Take the time to carefully examine costumes and hem up long parts of the costume before you go out. Stay on well-lit paths and/or carry a flashlight with you to illuminate the path. Safety precautions help minimize the chances of this happening to you or your family.

Avoid Biting Down on Hard Candy

Another common issue that occurs during the Halloween season is cracked teeth. It is not uncommon for someone to place a piece of hard candy in their mouth, like a jawbreaker, and bite straight down. When you do this, you run the risk of cracking your teeth. If you eat hard candy, suck on it, rather than bite into it. Hard candy is not only a dental hazard for small children, but it is also a choking hazard. Go through your child’s candy after trick-or-treating. Remove any hard candy that they may choke on or that they may not understand that they need to suck on.

Be Mindful of Chewy Candies With Crowns, Bridges or Cavities

Be Mindful of Chewy Candies With Crowns, Bridges or CavitiesHalloween time is filled with many gooey treats, such as caramel apples and chewy candies, including gummy candy and taffy. While these treats may taste delicious, that are not ideal for people with certain types of dental work within their mouths. Chewy candies and treats should not be consumed if you have crowns or bridges. If you have a filled cavity and the filling becomes loose, you should also avoid these treats. Finally, be aware that chewy candies and foods can also remove sealants that are placed on your child’s teeth. Avoid these goodies to help save your dental work.

Limit The Intake of Sugar and Increase Tooth Brushing

While it may not occur on Halloween night, the consumption of goodies during the Halloween season is often linked to an increase in cavities or dental decay. As a parent, you should always limit your child’s candy intake, as the sugar can negatively affect their teeth. Many dental offices offer trade-in programs where you can trade in your child’s candy for a treat to help minimize their sugar consumption. After you or your child consume candy, always thoroughly brush and floss your teeth. If you have eaten sticky or chewy candies, spend a little extra time brushing to ensure all of the residue is removed.

Talk To Your Orthodontist About What Holiday Treats to Avoid

Talk To Your Orthodontist About What Holiday Treats to AvoidFinally, if you or your child have braces, you should always talk to your orthodontist about what Halloween treats should be avoided. Caramel apples and candies with nuts can bend the wires and brackets on your braces. Chewy candies can also get stuck between the braces and your teeth, leading to dental decay. Your orthodontist can advise you on what Halloween treats are safe to eat and which can damage or break your braces or cause teeth issues in the future.


Despite your best efforts, you cannot prevent every dental disaster from happening. If you wind up with a tooth problem this Halloween, you will need an emergency dentist in Phoenix who can help you. Reach out to us here at Dental Brothers with all of your dental emergencies and let us help you keep your smile looking its best.