7 Celebrities Who Owe Their Smile to Dental Implants or Dental Veneers

7 Celebrities Who Owe Their Smile to Dental Implants or Dental Veneers

Celebrities are expected to be icons of perfection. They are constantly photographed and expected to smile. While it’s no secret that red carpet walkers often have their teeth whitened to look their best, many go a bit further to improve their smile. You might be surprised at just how many celebs have invested in dental implants and dental veneers to actually make those pearly whites as beautiful as they are. Here are a few that have let the cat out of the bag.

50 Cent / Curtis James Jackson III

50 Cent / Curtis James Jackson IIIIt’s well known that rapper 50 Cent has been shot an astonishing 8 times, and two bullets landed directly in his face. Clearly, this left his mouth severely damaged, and in addition to shrapnel in the tongue he lost one tooth. Already known for having a ‘Bugs Bunny’ smile due to a frontal gap, he decided to visit a dentist to resolve his oral woes.

Cosmetic dentistry proved to be the ideal solution. Today, he has a pristine smile thanks to having dental implant surgery to replace the missing tooth and a set of veneers to make that gap disappear.

Christie Brinkley

That supermodel smile was ravished in terrifying helicopter crash years ago. Not only did she suffer from a broken wrists, but two of her molars were also broken in the accident.

Because a lovely smile is so essential to her image and work, Christie Brinkley sought out a cosmetic dentist for help. Ultimately, she replaced the two molars with dental implants, and her unforgettable smile has returned.

Mike Tyson

Mike TysonChampion boxer Mike Tyson is surprisingly remembered most for biting off part of the ear of competitor Evander Holyfield with his famed gold tooth—a tooth he needed after a head butt from a tiger.

The boxer has always had a front tooth gap, but his career cost him a few teeth along the way. With a combination of dental implants to replace missing teeth and dental veneers, his smile was restored. However, he later had his signature gap added back down the line.

George Clooney

Known for having one of the most amazing smiles in Hollywood, actor George Clooney didn’t always have such great teeth. Remember when he first started acting? His teeth were clearly shorter in the front due to bruxism, or grinding the teeth.

Clooney improved his smile with a combination of dental implants and veneers to correct his short teeth and improve his overall look and give him that world-famous smile.

Grinding can result in TMJ, which can be resolved with a night guard , which can help you avoid the need for dental implants in Mesa or anywhere in the world.

Gary Busey

Gary BuseyAs a well known actor, Gary Busey understands how important looks are. So, when he was involved in a horrible auto accident years ago, he knew that cosmetic dentistry was the answer.

Not only did Busey suffer considerable facial damage, but he lost a few teeth. Thanks to dental implants, he now has a remarkable set of choppers that are screen worthy.

Ed Helms

While making the film The Hangover actor Ed Helms’ striking smile is memorable. However, 20 years ago he received dental implants, although no one knows exactly why. In fact, it’s only known that he has implants now, because his missing tooth in the movie was achieved by removing one of his dental implants! Now that’s cool fact to share with your friends, because he’s always hidden his dental history from the public.

Hilary Duff

Hilary DuffBest known for playing Lizzie McGuire on the Disney Channel, Hilary Duff grew up in the spotlight. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that she wanted to fix her crooked smile. She became even more committed to doing so ofter a microphone chipped a tooth. Her woes were easily resolved with dental veneers, and now her smile is simply stunning.


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