6 Reasons Not to Leave the Country to Get Dental Implants

6 Reasons Not to Leave the Country to Get Dental Implants

When you need major dental work like dental implants, the cost can seem overwhelming at first. You’ve probably heard the horror stories of tens of thousands of dollars for dental work. Going out of the country to get the work done might start sounding like a good option. Always be careful of anything that sounds too good to be true. Leaving the country for implants and other dental procedures carries a lot of risks.

Instead of leaving the U.S., you can get your dental implants in Mesa or Phoenix. Here are a few reasons why you should.

Too Far Away for Follow-Ups

Too Far Away for Follow-UpsWhen you travel out of the country for your dental implant procedure, you have to schedule everything in one trip. Running into complications later or needing additional work isn’t as easy as going across town. In some cases, you may have to get expensive repairs done here in town or schedule another full trip — including all the expenses of travel and time off of work. That’s a lot to do for a relatively simple follow-up.

Potential Language Barrier

If you’re fluent in the language of the country you’re visiting or they speak fluent English, you may be fine. But any language barrier, no matter how small, can present a problem. What if you don’t understand an idiom your dentist uses? What if they misspeak and use one word incorrectly? Even worse, what if you’re duped into thinking the dentist speaks English and you find out once you’re there that they don’t? A lot can go wrong when you can’t understand what’s happening.

Unqualified Dentists

Unqualified DentistsYes, there are unqualified dentists in the United States, unfortunately, but it’s rare and you have legal recourse to deal with it. If you get a bad dentist out of country who performs your dental implant procedure, the ramifications can be expensive. Not only can you put your own health in danger, you won’t be able to take them to court and sue for medical expenses or damages. You’ll be stuck, and you’ll need to see another dentist to correct any problems, potentially doubling your overall cost.

Rushed Dental Work

In parts of the world where Americans tend to go for dental work, it’s a complete industry with hundreds of dentists seeing thousands of patients. You can only be in the country for so long, and you’re one of the countless people to be seen. Your implant procedure could easily be rushed which means steps get missed and you’re not given time to properly heal.

Bad Materials

Bad MaterialsDoes the country you’re traveling to use the PALTOP dental implants as we do?? How do they guarantee the quality of the dental implants they use? These are important questions to ask. Yes, the procedure may be less expensive, but is that because they use lower quality materials? Once you come home, if rods begin to slip or break, your local dentist may be able to fix things, but it’s always better to have it done right the first time.

No Financing Options

When you travel to another country for your dental implant procedure, you’re going to have to pay for everything up front — travel, board, and the procedure. This means using cash or going into debt with a high-interest credit card. In the United States and at Dental Brothers, we offer financing options like Care Credit, among others. You can often get zero-interest financing to help you pay for your implants and other dental work. That won’t be an option when you travel abroad.


It makes sense that you want to save money on your dental implant procedure, but there are other options besides traveling out of country. Stay local and find a dentist in Phoenix or Mesa who can help you. You’ll have financing options and someone close by to help you through the process.