5 Health Benefits You Feel When You Smile

5 Health Benefits You Feel When You Smile

It is extremely important that you properly care for your teeth and replace missing teeth with dental implants. Not only can your teeth affect your overall health, but the state of your teeth may keep you from smiling. Some people feel self-conscious and have lower self-esteem with stained, discolored, or missing teeth. All in all, this prevents many people from smiling. You may not think smiling is important but there are many health benefits associated with it.

Lower Blood Pressure

Lower Blood PressureSmiling helps lower blood pressure. This can reduce your risk of heart disease. The next time you feel overwhelmed in life, sit down for a minute and take your blood pressure reading. Then tell yourself a joke or think of something that makes you happy. Smile a few times. From there, take your blood pressure reading again. Your results will be much lower in just that short period of time.

A Better Mood

Smiling has been shown to put you in a better mood. Those who suffer from anxiety and depression can greatly benefit from taking the time to smile throughout the day. As you smile, you boost your mood and promote positive thoughts in your head. This can be key to helping to keep anxiety and depression under control. Not only do you improve your mood, but smiling at others can boost their moods as well. It’s a bit contagious, too. Smile at someone, and they’re likely to smile back. Brighten everyone’s spirits by flashing a beautiful smile

Help Relieve Stress

Help Relieve StressThe next time you are dealing with a stressful situation, try to keep a smile on your face. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed and distressed in these moments. However, we already know smiling helps lower your blood pressure. It also reduces a fast heart rate. This can help to relieve the symptoms that are associated with stress. While this will not make the situation itself any better, it can help you to remain calm. This may help you think and work your way through the situation that you face.

Boost Your Immune System

Do you feel like you get sick far more than your co-workers, friends or family members? If so, smiling may help you. When you smile and laugh, your brain releases molecules throughout your body that can help to fight illness and boost your immune system. You also reduce your stress levels, which is key to fighting off germs and bacteria in your body. It may be hard to believe that smiling alone can help to prevent illness, but studies have shown this is exactly what can happen. So smile more to help keep illness away.

Provide Natural Pain Relief

Provide Natural Pain ReliefSmiling provides natural pain relief. When you smile and laugh, your body releases its own natural painkillers throughout the body. If you feel discomfort, these natural painkillers can help to limit the pain you feel or eliminate it completely. There are many side effects associated with both over-the-counter and prescription pain killers. You can reduce or limit the number of those medications that you take just by smiling and laughing more throughout the day.


Improving your dental health and smile can help you feel more comfortable when you are around other people. It can also help you smile and laugh more freely. If you have missing teeth or have teeth that are so badly damaged they may need to be pulled, dental implants can help to fill in the gaps created by those missing or lost teeth. Here at Dental Brothers, with offices in Mesa and Phoenix, we know how important your teeth are. We provide the dental care that you need to have a beautiful smile and maintain it. Contact us today to schedule your next dental appointment.